Dolce & Gabbana party in Venice


If I had to say what is the best thing about my job, I would say it is the friends you make along the way and Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, are those friends which remain there after years and every time I see them it is even better!

You saw me wearing Dolce & Gabbana in Cannes and last year I wore one of their fruit collection dresses for a party in Mexico with the theme ‘the 5 senses’. As I know them and how amazing their dresses are, whenever I need and Dolce and Gabanna look, I know where to call. I am in love with their campaign photos with Monica Belluci- so D&G, so Monica, so Mediterranean!

They called to invite me to a very special party, a Masquerade Ball in Venice!

They organised an incredible plan, a room with incredible views at the hotel Palladio Bauer. I could have stayed in that room all weekend, but I had a very special plan ahead.

Dolce & Gabanna had prepared a look for me for the party: a dress and sandals by D&G and a haute couture mask made at the atelier. I wore some very special jewelery, a necklace and earrings from my Grandma.

There were many special attendees. Marpessa, D&G’s muse who is in charge of the Haute Couture now, used to work as a model-she is amazing. I loved having a picture taken with her. Bianca Brandolini was in the boat that picked us up from the hotel to take us to the amazing palace. I have added some pictures with Stefano Gabbana and Alessandro del Acqua for you. The best looks were certainly from the lovely Audrey Tatou and the stunning Bianca.

At some point during the night Stefano, dressed in a bullfighter outfit (very Spanish) started dj-ing and Giovanna Bataglia and Anna dello Russo joined him on the dance floor!

It was an unforgettable and incredible evening, thanks Stefano and Domenico, thanks for being great people and wanting to share these moments with me. In one Word- spectacular!

I’ll be back home soon but this was an unforgetable, spectacular and very special weekend!


Eu x