Dinner at my parents’ house

When I was in Madrid last week, my parents hosted a little family dinner. My mum made lots of fish and vegetables, which she knows I love!
For the meal, I work the Sira Ryf dress again that I wore for the presentation of the new collection from Uno de 50. It is such a comfortable dress and above all it is really cool; with this heat in Madrid jeans are never an option! (the only difference is that this time I didn’t wear the push up bra I was wearing at the press even)
If you like the dress, ist is already on sale on Eustyle.
My sandals are from Oysho, ever since I bought them I never take them off. All of my friends and my sister have them- they are amazing value for money and are so comfortable with the wedge. The necklace is from Maramz for Eustyle.
The painting you see in the pictures is from Luis Feito, who is one of my favorite Spanish artists.
Which painters do you like? What type of paintings are you favourites?