Day in London


On my second and last day in London we went on an express trip. I had been working all day with an incredible team and headed back home. My brothers were expecting me to go for dinner, this time in my favourite Indian restaurant in Belsize Park Paradise. I love the maitre and ask him for the house speciality chicken, the food is delicious!

Before dinner, and this time with my brother behind the camera, I took some pictures for my blog…I don’t forget you all.

My look:

Masculine beige trousers by Sophie and Lucy for Eustyle

Sandals from the collaboration of Veronique Branquinho, incredible designer, for Camper

Jacket by H&M

Ring and bracelet by Bcoqui 

Khaki t-shirt by Lio de Faldas for Eustyle

After dinner , I couldn’t wait to collapse on my favourite couch. I still had to work the following day and fly back to Madrid.  Heathrow was waiting for me with a lovely surprice, a 6 hour delay and a cancelation, no hotel available near the airport, so after all that fuss I headed back home with my luggage and had to spend one more night in my London bed and fly at 10am the following day for my next stop, Madrid!

Kisses to all, I hope to come back soon,

Eu x