City look

Hello everyone

Yesterday was the day for my next series of potos for Hola fashion in August and I’m so excited for you to see it!
Here I wanted to show you a fresh look for the city while we all wait to go on our holidays.

I’m wearing a pair of trousers from Mango’s latest collection which are incredibly comfortable. You have probably already seen me in them before but I just love them. The top is from Sophie and Lucy which is so fresh and stylish- perfect for these temperatures. The bracelet is from Primark.

As for my sunglasses, they’re aviators from Ray Ban and the purse is from Zubi which I’ve featured several times. There are some great print designes that we are going to start selling from….because I love them.
The ballerina pumps are from Canden Garden….. Recently I have been wearing these depending on the colour of the clothes I decide to wear. This time, I’m wearing a ‘lavender touch’ pair from Rituals.

I hope its not getting to hot for you! When you read this I will be in London working.