Return to Madrid

Happy Monday!

I started the week with a lot of work between New York, where I was last week, and Madrid. I’ve heard the good weather is here to stay so fingers crossed!
On Monday afternoon I arrived in Extremadura and on Tuesday morning I was on a flight to New York, where I was working for 3 days and then I went back to Spain again, all within the same week!  

When I have really busy weeks like this, spending so much time in the car or on flights, I try to take care of myself more than ever, because you have to be at your best for photo shoots- it´s  not enough just to rely on the make up! In order to do this, and considering that time is limited, my trick is to use lots of moisturizer and apply it really lightly so that my skin doesn’t get too greasy. I also do the same with my hands because I think its so important to keep them hydrated. Also, when I get home at night, I wear a refreshing and anti-fatigue mask . Its so cooling, and leaves my skin really smooth.  

For a plane journey I always wear really comfortable clothing. These jeans are from J.Brand, a jacket from Zara which I always wear and even have it in 2 colours, a t-shirt from The Hip Tee and a pair of ballerina shoes from Pretty Ballerinas. The  cool thick silver bracelets are from Uno de 50 and the silver bracelet with grey enamel and skulls is from Alexander McQueen which I bought at Matches in London.

The mirrored sunglasses are from Stradivarius and the steel watch is a Rolex Daytona 

I´m not wearing makeup, only the new perfume from Chloé Love, which I took a pictureof before leaving the studio where I was working.

Hope you had a great weekend!