Kindness is always fashionable

Hi everybody. How is your week going?

I’m pretty busy but nowadays work is always welcomed! I arrived in New York and, finally, we have some really hot weather.

In today’s post I wanted to show you a project which I feel really passionate about: Feed. It’s a NGO (Non-governmental organisation) founded by the granddaughter of George Bush Sr., Laura Bush. Feed works to produce products which help to feed the world. This is done by creating bags, shirts and accessories and then the profits are donated as a percentage. As they say, Feed is understandable, tangible, and meaningful.

I already have a Rachel Roy  bag designed by Hand with Feed which features in the pictures; it’s really cute, don’t you think? The bags are fair-trade and made by Indian artisans. Each bag is decorated with different designs and a percentage of it’s sale goes to help disadvantaged families in India, which currently amounts to a quarter of it’s population.

I’m wearing a t-shirt from Sira Ryf for Eustyle, some trousers from Zara, a pair of really comfortable, ballerina shoes which are designed by a group of architects called Battu (the shoes come in beautiful packaging). The earrings are from Spanish & Sisters for Eustyle.
As for my makeup I’m using the new BB Sun Cream from Delial, with 50 protection, which I always use on my face when the sun is at it’s most. It is incredibly light and smells amazing. On my lips I put on a bit of Eight Hours Cream from Elisabeth Arden and as a final touch, a little rouge from Lola Make Up. Its very natural.

The pictures were taken in my brother’s old bedroom at my parents house in Madrid. He is an architect in London. The New York painting I gave to him as a present. It’s from Petite Collage and I bought it at Living Baby in Getafe. They have really cool stuff from the United States and Australia for children: papers, drawings for rooms, puzles. Also, they have an online store.

I hope you like it!