From Extremadura to NYC

Hi everyone! I’m on my way to NYC today!

I love New York at this time of the year; the weather is wonderful and everyone escapes to the outdoors for some sun.
Today I’m going to take my book and go to Central Park for a little picnic with some friends. I’m fortunate to live close to the park so I try to take advantage of it as much as possible when the weather is nice.
I´m wearing a top from American Vintage bought at Sluiz Ibiza, a skirt from Sira Ryf for Eustyle, some shoes from Robert Clergerie for Nac. My wallet is from Zubi and the shawl is from Bimba y Lola that I have had for years. The necklace is from Maramz  for Eustyle. In my bag I have some hand cream from Révérence de Bastien for Marta García, because when its sunny and windy my hands can get very dry so I try to keep them as hydrated as possible.

As for my makeup I´m only wearing lip color Volupte Shier number 11 from Yves Saint Laurent.
Hope you like it!