The Hudson studio shoot

As I told you on Friday’s post,  I’ve been working all week in the Hudson studios — including over the weekend!

Schedules and holidays don’t exist in this work — you need to be available whether it’s Wednesday or Sunday, but I cannot complain! The truth is I’ve done this work for a long time, and I’ve never enjoyed it more than now. Although I have a slower pace of work now, when I was younger I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing, and the whole experience was a surreal wonderland. Now I am a lot more experience, I can now see things in a more relaxed light. What I like most — and why I’m still in the world of fashion — is because my house in Toledo can be guest to people I would have never dreamed of meeting. I don’t just meet actors or designers, but I get an opportunity to meet writers and architects, and I love architecture! All of these people have taught me a lot, and it’s a privilege I really appreciate.

For today’s post, I asked Tim Bell if he could take me the photos at the set. I’m wearing Zara jacket from this season, a shirt by Lío de Faldas, a loose-knit jersey by MANGO, boots from Bylarin, a bag from Syra Ryf  and a ring from Maramz.

I hope you have a great week!

A kiss!