The beaches of Asturias

Hi everybody!
Today I’m showing you another part of Asturias, the beaches.
On the Asturian coast you can find some of the best beaches in Spain, although it’s best to bear in mind that the water is pretty chilly! Rodiles, Villaviciosa are some of the best beaches I can think of, and the sea caves in Llanes are like something out of a movie!
At this time of year it is a great pleasure to go to the coast, it is one of the things most enjoyable and relaxing.

I’m wearing black jeans from Lío de Faldas, buckskin slippers that couldn’t be more comfortable from Canden Garden and some shorts from La Fee Maraboutee that I bought in AB Oviedo as well as the cardigan from the same Brand. Super soft and very cute, don’t cha think?.
The necklaces were a present from my friend Luis Galliusi, and are from Luis Zangara Ibiza. He makes the necklaces at his atelier in Poble Nou in Barcelona. They are spectacular and unique. Luis buys his materials from all around the world — Paris, Morocco, Rio de Janeiro …
How is your week treating you?