A wedding in Pedraza

Good morning!

This weekend my dear friend Gonzalo Machado got married in a luxurious ceremony in Pedraza. The day was jam-packed with activities for all of the guests to enjoy.

The first day of the ceremony was on Friday afternoon, which was the religious ceremony. It was celebrated at the Church of San Juan Bautista de Pastrana, which is a lovely place. Gonzalo looked gorgeous in a sophisticated grey jacket. Meanwhile, his wife Mafalda looked absolutely radiant with an original dress by Lorenzo Caprile. I wore a floral dress from The 2nd Skin and Co., which is from the next autumn-winter collection.

Everything was spectacular.  The couple planned everything to to T– the pages wore traditional costumes of Segovia, and danced regional dances outside the Church, the decor, the food… everything!

I will show you all the things that were organised by the couple over the three day ceremony soon– there’s so much to tell …

I wore the matching belt and green shoes to my dress from The 2nd Skin and Co for the next autumn-winter season. The earrings were a gift from some really special people at Buccellati. My purse is from Giorgio Armani.
For the occasion Eva Villar did my make-up. She is a friend of mine whom I absolutely adore, and she does a really good job. She used the lip colour ’tissue pink’ from And Other Stories.

What do you think about the look? What kind of clothes do you like to wear to these events?