A walk with my sister

As I told you yesterday, I was in Oviedo at the christening of my godson Julio. I only stayed in Oviedo for a couple of days, but I loved spending some quality time with my family. After the ceremony was over, my sister and I took a walk together.

I have a really unique bond with my sister. We know everything about each other, and we really care for each other. Like most sister pairings, we argue– I put that down to us both knowing exactly what gets to one another. However, we do say how we feel to each other’s faces because it’s a relationship of trust.

I love spending time with her and being able to share my best and worst moments with her.

For the walk I’m wearing jeans from Lío de Faldas, a blouse from Zara from the new season collection, an ochre jacket also from Zara  which I have already shown you– I also have it in another color. My flat shoes are from Bgo & Me, my wallet is from Carla Rojo, who a designer from Oviedo that I met thanks to the girls from the AB Oviedo boutique. My bracelet is by my friend Patricia Cobiella at Pats, who has been my friend for more than twenty years– I am glad she is doing so well! She also sells her creations in AB Oviedo. My zodiac pendant is from Nuna Bascón. Finally, I’m also wearing a ring from Torques Complementos.

Today I also wanted to show you some new lip gloss with matching nail polish, which I bought in Douglas perfumerias– the colours are great!