A walk around Pedraza

The day after the wedding of my friend Gonzalo Machado, I went for a walk with other friend who had been at the wedding with me the previous day.

Pedraza is a lovely village– if you haven’t been already, you should definitely spend a weekend there. The entire village is like something out of a Hans Christian Andersen tale– it’s an idyll suspended in time. All of the dwelling’s period features have been kept in tact thanks to the locals treating Pedraza with a great deal of love and care.

For the walk– which includes many a cobbled street– I put my sensible Esparto long-life sandals on and comfortable clothing. I wore a dress from Mango from the new season, my bag from Spanish and Sisters, which is fair-trade and made in Thailand. Whenever a brand or company promotes or sells products that have a strong fair trade policy, I like to show you that despite the current economic situation, there are entrepreneurs who are looking out for the interests of those most in need. My necklace is from Rocío Porres.

I hope you like my look!

Is the week treating you well?

A kiss from NY,