A little bit of “me” time

One of the days I was in Asturias I slept over at my friend Sandra’s house. The house is spectacular! It has sloping ceilings, an attic, and some other fantastic period features. I absolutely love their wallpaper and butterfly cushions from Tapiceros Julio in La Coruna. Don’t you love them?

The rest of the cushions are from Zara home. The bedspread is from Rosa Costa, which Sandra bought in Lencería Casar in La Coruna, too.

I spent the entire afternoon winding down and having a bit of “me” time. I took the time to read, have a bath… it was wonderful!

I wore my cute and comfy clothes from Momoni, and a thick cotton jersey from Belair which I bought in AB Oviedo. My lingerie is from Mimoki.

To repair the scar on my wrist after my surgery I have been applying Rosa Mosqueta oil from Natura Bisse. I am wearing pink Hydra Chrono lip balm from Lierac, which is designed to intensely moisturise your lips overnight.

I love peaceful evenings like this. We all need to wind down from time to time, don’t we? You should take at least five minutes out of every single day to treat yourself.