My travels to Cabo Peñas

This week I decided to take a bit more holiday and spent my time in Asturias, in the northern part of Spain. I stayed at my friend’s house and caught up with my nephews, which was great fun. I also took the opportunity to do some “adult” excursions that I will tell you about in my later posts.

One day we went to “Cabo Peñas”, as you can see from the photos, it’s amazing. It’s the northernmost point of the Iberian peninsula, with cliffs up to 100 metres high. It’s peaceful when you’re up there watching the sea, and it’s absolutely indescribable.

I didn’t know anything about Asturias until until my sister married a Asturian. When I visited, it was love at first sight. I loved the city and its surroundings. Whenever I catch a spare moment to visit, every single time I got there I find something new to do. When you think you think you have discovered it all, there is always something around the corner to surprise you.

Everyone should go to Asturias at least once in life. There’s places like Scotland, Northern European inspired villages… and some fantastic food! Furthermore, I get to enjoy all of it without leaving Spain …

In short, I couldn’t recommend Asturias enough. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner, or a great rural retreat for family trips, and great with a group of friends who enjoy their food and sport.

Toay, I’m wearing black jeans from Lío de Faldas, an orange jersey from Stella Forest , and a pair of earrings and two necklaces from Emebe .

My boots are also from It Shoes.

Have you already been to Asturias? What are your top hidden gem holiday retreats?