My adventures in Formentera

Hi everybody,

This past week I’ve been to Formentera with some friends, enjoying the gorgeous weather.

I began my travels on Saturday, and stayed with my friend Luis Galliusi for one day in Ibiza, who put me up in his wonderful home. The stay, however, was not without drama. The next day Luis and I went to pick up some friends that I had invited to Formentera, and on the drive a car that was in front of us exploded. No one was injured, but we had no idea how it had happened. In a matter of minutes, a huge traffic jam had piled up, meaning that we had to backtrack on the motorway to the nearest exit. It was completely bizarre!

Finally, we picked up our friends at the airport, and arrived in Formentera on Sunday night. I love Formentera. A walk on the island calms me, comforts me and gives me peace. It wasn’t long before more drama ensued as a second mishap occurred: the Mehari had a flat tire. We tried our best to lift up the car and replace the wheel, but we couldnt manage,so I called the garage but they didn’t answer the phone. Fortunately, some barmen helped us sort the car out, and discovered that it had a broken jack. Fortunately, we were off just as few hours later.

Deciding to go to the bar that our helpers worked for, we decied to stay a while at El Pirata, on a table to the shore of the sea, and enjoyed the views of Ibiza. It is one of the best bars that you can find in Formentera. During summer, the bar is very lively!

In spite of all the chaos, these past few days have been full of laughter and fun with my good friends.

I’m wearing silk pyjama pants from Sophie and Lucy, a hoodie from The Hip Tee, a linen shirt from BARUK CORAZON and a pair of new season sunglasses from Sunpocket. My sandals from J.Crew, and my silver earrings are from El Pilar de la Mola market at Formentera. My beach wrap is from Oysho, which matches my little bag which is great suncream holder. My bag is from Twenty Violets– you can find in Cool The Sack. My grey sweater is from J Crew and my necklaces are from belao.

For protection, I’m wearing Bioderma sunscreen and my lipstick is from Chanel, 43 rouge allure velvet.

I hope that your week is treating you as well as mine is!