Home dining with my friends

Yesterday in Oviedo, some friends invited me to a dinner organized at their house– there are so many beautiful houses in the city! The ones that I’ve seen have been absolutely spectacular, they have such a classic style.

My friends did a nice job. They prepared plenty of delicious snacks.

I went to get my hair done at Jean Louis David, where in less than an hour they sorted my hair out with fabulous brand new GHD straightners. Fortunately, it never takes to long to style my hair!

Pretty much everything I wore today was from the Bgo & Me website. I am addicted to the online shop, and I buy something from there nearly every week. It’s really popular with my mother and sister too.

My the trousers, shirt and slippers are from the store. I couldn’t resist buying the slippers. They are really original as well as comfortable. which I also bought some earrings from the store, with are versatile enough to go with any look. My clutch is from Pantera. I bought it in Mexico the last time I was there.

My summer coat is from Poe, a shop in Oviedo. It’s phenomenal. I am definitely going to be wearing it for the up and coming weddings and christenings in the family calendar. 

 For touch ups, I put my clutch lip gloss in my clutch. It’s Sephora, shade Uptown Girl. My lipliner is shade 79 by Isadora.

I hope you like my look today! I heartily recommend that you take a peek at Bgo & Me’s website, it’s a great find.