Exploring Formentera’s beaches

Happy Tuesday!!

During my visit to Formentera I tried to get down to the beach as much as possible. On Tuesday, luckily enough, my friends and I decided to take a trip down to the sand and had the beach completely to ourselves. As I submerged myself into the crystal clear water, I felt phenomenal. Although it was still pretty cold, it was great to be on the island before the hub bub of tourist season begins,

In the next week or so you may be considering a trip to the beach too, so here’s some handy hints for dealing with the sun.

I always go to the beach weating a hat. Minimising the sun’s impact on your face, you can avoid unwanted wrinkles with a little bit of protection. I also use all kinds of protective cream and suncream for my face, hair and body. I like Kiehl‘s Brume Jour Protectrice, which strengthens and hydrates my hair, and Kerastese Soleil factor 50 suncream for my body. I also wear Delial Garnier children’s protection factor 50 on my body, and Bioderma on my face.

As well as always wearing suncream, I cover up when the sun is at its peak. I try not to get burnt under any circumstances.

Post-beach break I treated myself to a bath. My cousin Maria took photos of me. The towel covering me is from Oysho, which matches my suncream bag. My glasses are from Sunpocket and my white bikini is from Marc Acqua.

After our morning on the beach we went to have lunch at Es Calo, a restaurant in San Ferran. They have the best rice on the island. I changed into a black American Apparel bikini for the dinner.  In the afternoon we hiked up to the cliffs of Formentera, to Calo des Morts and went to see the lighthouse of Pilar de la Mola. For the hike I wore Oysho trousers, a Club Monaco denim shirt, sandals from Pura López and hoodie from The Hip Tee. My earrings are from Los Complementos de Maria and my bag is from Twenty Violets, which I have had since last year, but this year you can find it in Cool the Sack .

I hope you’ll find these small tips helpfull , and this summer you will take care your skin. Remember, it’s more important to have protected skin than tanned skin!