Charing Cross

Last weekend, like almost all the weekends I’m in Madrid, I was with my family having some appetizers in Charing Cross. It’s one of my two favorite terrace bars in Madrid in Paseo Pintor Rosales, the other one, which also I have spoken about before, is on the same street. Charing Cross has been open for many years, in fact  my grandparents and my uncles have wined and dined there for going on thirty years!

Julian is always there with his with his famous Spanish omelette , and once in a while you can see his children, who are always on hand to help him. All my life I’ve been going to Charing, not only because the place is wonderful, also because it brings back some wonderful memories. The Bloody Mary’s are delicious, and they prepare really good Gin and Tonics too. We usually go whenever we can, but I recommend the terrace especially in early spring and autumn, the ambience is great, and there’s a great mix of people too.

Nowadays, not only my parents and I go to charing  It has become a tradition for all of my cousins ​​and uncles when they come to Madrid. Sometimes there’s up to fifteen members of my family in there! As you can see, I have very large family, on more than one occasion I have talked about some of my cousins, that’s because there’s a lot of us…  the moments we spent together are wonderful. The new generations have come stomping! Mini and Julio are by far the most pampered of the house

For a relaxing day as always I chose comfort. I’m wearing green shirt from Lío de Faldas, a shawl from BGO & me, very smooth and nice, shoes from La Flaneuse, gold plated bracelet from Helena Rohner, purple beaded bracelets and pendants from Spanish and Sisters  and sunglasses from Persol. My handbag is a great size for my iPad and a wallet too, and it’s also from Spanish and Sisters. My lipstick is Rouge Volupte Shine number 14 from Yves Sint Laurent.

I hope you liked Charing Cross, What about you? Do you have a bar or cafe that you like in particular?