Since getting back from New York I’ve come to Oviedo in the northern Spanish region of Asturias to visit my sister and her family. Oviedo is such a wonderful city and I always enjoy coming here to visit friends and family.

On this occasion I went to superb restaurant called “Casa Gervasio“, one of my regular dinner spots when I’m in town. It’s a cider house that was originally a cider factory and it still has the delicious sweet smell of cider in the air. The atmosphere inside Casa Gervasio is amazing, it’s like you’ve been transported fifty years back. The restaurant is currently run by Basilio, the son-in-law of Gervasio himself, and the kitchen is run by Gervasio’s daughter, who learned everything from her father. One of the best dishes they serve is the fried hake and angler fish, which is called “pixín” in Asturias. There are a lot of other great places to eat in Oviedo, the Asturian food is simply fantastic, but Casa Gervasio remains one of my favourites.

After lunch I like to take a walk around Ovideo to enjoy the city (and it’s great to help digest the delicious meal too!). I often like to pop in for treatments and massages at Marta Garcia, meet my nephews in La Mallorquina bakery or have a little gossip with my sister – we like to make the most of being together as we don’t get to do it very often. And of course I love to go shopping in Oviedo! You can find so many great stores in the city but my favorite, the one that I’m always talking about, is AB Oviedo. Everything they sell is spectacular and I always ending up leaving with a dress, scarf or other wonderful item.

Here are some pictures taken by my brother-in-law Julio, the best brother-in-law I could imagine! Julio always has his camera with him as a keen fan of photography so I thank him for the photos in today’s post…

My look:
I’m wearing trousers from Zara, my sweater is from the one and only AB Oviedo, by Stella Forest. Boots from Aldo, handbag from Milli Millu which I wore in the evening with the strap kept inside to use like a clutch, my jacket is from Mango and my bracelet from Helena Rohner. The necklace is vintage, I found it in a fantastic little boutique in  Paris and I fell in love with it immediately.