Hat’s fashion

Hello everybody!

After spending most of the weekend relaxing, I got myself into gear to finish the errands that I have to do before leaving New York. I won’t have time after this.

As well as some general chores, I had a chance to go to the Strand bookstore which I love and bought a couple of books. Then I went to lunch with a friend at Bar Pitti, a great little place that I am really fond of and where try to go whenever I can.

For a day of errands I like to be comfortable but at the same time I still want to look good, just in case I meet someone I know!

So I chose this outfit: dress from the Trafaluc Spring collection by Zara, stockings from Wolford, boots from Bimba y Lola, coat from Juliju, glasses from Life Italia, hat from Rag & Bone and wallet from Vicky Martin Berrocal.

As you can see, when it’s cold I like to wear a hat as it keeps you warm and happens to be the perfect accessory.

Are you a fan of hats? What do you think of my look today?