My swimwear shoot for Tatjana Anika


As you may already know through my official facebook, this year I participated in Tatjana Anika’s campaign. It is the third year I have one this and I am very happy with the result. My make up and hair is by Pedro Cedeño and my pictures by Gonzalo Machado, whom I have worked with many times in the past.

A few years ago I met Tatjana Pesko and she was about to start her new business with her friend Fabiola. I got involved with them at the very start of their business. I fell in love with their way of seeing fashion, their enthusiasm and I share a strong friendship with Tatjana. Launching a brand is never easy, but they did great. Their first collection was launched last season, and epitomised why I had got involved in the project They were amazing. The designs were very feminine and good quality. Each piece is handcrafted in Italy, and they have a sophisticated look for a woman of any age wanting to feel beautiful in their designs. The shooting took place in Ibiza, which was the perfect location for the pictures to focus on the stunning bathing suits. I have posted some pictures from the shoot. Following the shoot, they had to launch the collection, contact retailers and start selling! I have shared some pictures with you from their cocktail launch in London. 

As it couldn’t have been any another way. Their first collection was a complete success, with many retailers scrabbling to join the long list of sellers right at the start. But it was already time to start thinking of a new collection. On the back of their new and improved fashion industry experience, they got together and start to think about 2012’s collection. What about including some more pieces of the clothes? It would be a good idea to stick to some of our previous designs that have been a great success and make them our image. One of this designs was name after me, “Eugenia”. The second collection was launched 2012’s Summer and was as sophisticated as the first, but more ethnical. The photo shoot for this collection took place in Morocco. After such success, they decided the same team should reunite, Gonzalo Machado taking the pictures, myself as model, but an even much better complete and incredible collection, which included more clothes. You will have seen me an plenty of other celebrities wear their bathing suits too.

Two collections and two years of success later, it was time to prepare the third and again they called me for the campaign and I could have not been happier, because it took place at my home and beaches in Formentera.

I’m very excited to introduce you to Tatjana Anika and the fashion house’s labours of love! These are the pictures from both photo shoots and the new collection that will be in stores next Spring. Why don’t you take a look at their web and let me know what you think? ( They also frequently update their facebook page (, where you will find more pictures from the shoot, updates, videos, celebrities wearing their designs and press…

You may be thinking where can I buy a TA? Check it out here

Let me know what you think of their collection– what about wearing one next season? Thanks Tatjana Anika, I hope we can continue not only working together many more years and in a lot of different projects, but more importantly, thanks a lot for being such good, lovely and caring friends! Looking forward to sharing many new adventures!