TV star


Do you remember I spent a few hours in Barcelona some time ago? At last I can tell you what it was about.

I was filming a TV ad for Spanish brand Norit. They have a new washing product for all types of clothes. 

People were asking, why me? Because I wash loads when I arrive home from travelling. And like lots of other people, I don’t have much time to sort my clothes by colour and temperature… Plus, the less washing we do the better. We waste less water and we have lower water bills.

As the ad says we are what other people see and what someone you have just met sees first is your clothes and Norit takes care of them.

I am extremely pleased with the ad and I want to thank the Norit team.

Clothes: BD Baggies

Stylist: Agnes Bonet

Make up: Pilartxo

Director: Carlos Luque