Today I wanted to share with you my new secret, my instagram account @itseusilva. Through it you can share my adventures, view my looks and get to know my secrets. I’m new at it and I’m not an expert, but I hope to see you there.

Now, I have another flight back to Europe to film something I am hoping to be able to share with you soon. I’m finishing January in Barcelona. Thanks for being there at my side, wherever you are.

Madrid, NY, Los Angeles, back to NY, Milan, Sundance, then NY again, Colombia and Barcelona… the globetrotting can be quite tiring, but each of the places and experiences so far this year have been worth it. 

My time in Colombia was particularly amazing. Follow me on instagram and I hope you continue being the best travel partners.‬

‪As always THANKS for following me, for your comments on the blog, your tweets to @eusilva, your messages at instagram (@itseusilva) and our conversations on my facebook page.