Smile of a proud new aunty


As some of you will remember, I recently spent a few days in Oviedo, which is Woody Allen’s favourite Spanish town. It was  for a good reason, to help my sister as she’s given birth to my second nephew, who is also my godson.

He’s so cute and such a good baby, that if I knew every baby would turn out like him I’d have a football team!

Going for a walk in Oviedo my look was comfortable and warm – no make up and my natural, curly hair.

I am wearing:

Wool coat by Sophie & Lucy, jeans by J.CREW, boots by Bgo & Me, grey t shirt by Zara Home, Bulgari bag, vintage bracelet that I bought in a special sale in NY by Susie Hoimes, a leading vintage jewellery expert, who is the owner of MDVII Antiques.

I wish I could stay in Oviedo longer, but next stop, NY!

Photos: JR Rodero