Muzungu Sisters

Hello! A few days ago I visited  Muzungu Sisters’  pop up store in Madrid. Back in 2009, Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo decided to start Muzungu Sisters to promote fair trade practices by showcasing goods crafted by artisans from around the world.

I’ve been good friends with Tatiana and her family for a long time. Some months ago, Tatiana called me and told me she wanted to organise a pop up store in Madrid for a few days and she asked me where the best place would be.

Without any hesitation, I called Federica to ask her if she was interested in having the Muzungu Sisters in the patio of Federica&Co, a stylish collection of boutiques in the Salamanca district of the city. This is how Muzungu Sisters’ first adventure in Madrid started and I hope it becomes a permanent place for their business and they come back many more times, as this will mean that we are doing a little bit to help those who need it.

So there I was at the opening to say ‘hello’ and wish them good luck. I have posted some pictures with them, the store and two kaftans they gave me as a present. Thanks!

My look: jacket Muzungu Sisters. Jeans MiH Jeans, I love this brand. This season’s jumper by Leon and Harper. This season’s boots by Mascaro. Check out their web! Kisses,