A perfectly Angelic time

A few days ago, I was in my friend Angel Schlesser’s studio, I love to go there because I can see how each garment is designed, It is wonderful! All his clothes are very urban, they suit great and have got that special touch that makes them different. During my stay there, we were recording a video that I show you for eustyle today, as you know you can find a lot of clothes that I love in the web eustyle.

The day was really fun, although in a video shoot you have to concentrate a lot, it’s great to work with friends.  It makes the work more pleasant. I have worked a lot with Angel during my career, and I learned a lot from him.

The make-up artist was Roberto Siguero for Lancome. I have also worked on a lot of photo sessions with him. Roberto knows me and what I like so it’s perfect!

I was wearing this pretty shirt by Angel Schlesser in kaki. You can find it in the sales on Eustyle.es!

I combined it with a necklace by Patricia Nicolás, a pair of jeans of Paige, shoes by Cool the Sack, bracelets by Marand and by Ararat for Eustyle.es which are also in the sales.




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