Six sisters

Good Morning!

How’s it going?

Today, I want to show you behind the scenes photos of a shoot we produced for the Hola! magazine’s April fashion special, with the start of the TV series Six Sisters.

Six Sisters is about the Silva sisters (what a coincidence that they’re using my surname!!!) who have to take over the running of their father’s factory in an age when women were mainly confined to being housewives.

The photo shoot was a lot of fun: six girls trying dresses, jewellery, talking about their personal projects, their characters in the series. Complete madness!

And who, you may wonder, are the six sisters?

Celia Frijeiro is Adela, the eldest and a mother for the rest of the Silva sisters, because of her maturity and responsibility.

Marta Larralde plays Diana, who runs the family company.

Candela Serrat is Celia, the most intellectual.

Mariona Tena is Blanca, she’s sociable and the perfect girlfriend.

Maria Castro is Francisca, the artist of the family.

Carla Diaz portrays Elisa, the youngest of the girls.

The pictures were taken by Juan Aldebaldetrecu, one of Spain’s most important photographers.

For the make-up and hair, we needed three artist, Sonia Marina, Pedro Cedeño and Roberto Sigueros.They did a great job! It is not easy to work with six people!

The food by Mara catering was amazing and we have to order with them again because it was the best!

I hope you like the results. They look outstanding!
I won’t miss the series for anything in the world!



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