‘Let girls be girls’ market…

Good Morning!

Last week I took some photos for NGO PLAN ESPAÑA’s new campaign.

As you know, I’ve been working with PLAN for many years, trying to give a voice for to those who need it in other parts of the  world. In these photos I met some of the girls who are helped by PLAN. They, despite their young age, have done everything they can to improve the situation of women in other parts of the world, – situations that they have sometimes lived themselves and don’t want others to have to experience.  Shockingly, millions of girls experience sexual violence in their day to day lives and sometimes they don’t even know it’s an unacceptable situation because they have grown up with it. So many of them don’t have access to education, which means they will never get beyond from they were born and raised, they will always go on to depend on a man who, more often than not, belittles and mistreats his wife.
Nafissatou Soumaila saw a friend of hers get married at barely 10 years old.  At 12 she fell pregnant by her husband, a man much older than her, and being so Young she could not recover from giving birth and both she and her son tragically died. Since then, Nafissatou fights so no other girl in the world has to experience as her friend.

This is just one example of the many painful stories that broke my heart to hear. I could spend hours telling you the lives of Ana Cecilia Riveros, Marleny Nájera etc. and they are just the face of what PLAN shows us of the many stories out there.

To collaborate with the organization, from tomorrow Friday 17th until next Sunday my friend Luis Galliussi and I have organized a bazaar selling furniture and second hand clothes that we have. Part of the benefits from the sales will go to PLAN ESPAÑA. I really recommend you that you go because there will be many luxury items in a knockdown price! The sale will be at the space that Luis owns at the Plaza de la Encarnación, 2, next to the Plaza de Oriente, in Madrid. The bazaar will be on from 10 am to 10 pm on all three days.

Hope you can drop by if you are around!

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