Paris with red lips

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be telling you about my 36 hour trip to Paris during which I attended a few fashion shows as part of their fashion week.

My friend Luis Galliussi also had to go for work so we met up there – “little spoon and fork” as they call us because we spend so much time together!
Travelling with Luis is always a pleasure as he knows everything and everyone and always shows me the best places that I could have walked past thousands of times and never discovered!

This is what I did during my stay in Paris:
On Sunday I dropped my suitcase off at my cousin Hugo’s house. I stayed with him so we could spend some time together as since he left we hardly ever do! Then we went for a long walk around all of Paris without taking a break!

I wore tartan trousers by Kolonkai – you already know how much I like their range for women and the great prices!
I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with the items they have in their new collection and I asked if they’d consider being part of EUSTYLE.en. They agreed and so you can find these trousers on our website!

T-shirt by the hip tee from last summer.

Jacket by Helmut Lang

Ballet pumps by Pretty Ballerinas

An over-the-shoulder bag by Lafive for Eustyle which couldn’t be more stylish and comfortable

Chain by Emebe for Eustyle.
The earrings are by also Emebe for Eustyle and I’ve had them for a long time now.

In the photo captions I will explain more about what we saw… Click on the photo to get an idea of how much fun I had during this fleeting trip!

In a few days’ time I will tell you more about my time in Paris.

Kisses @eusilva

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