Christmas shopping at Kiehls

Good morning,

I’m sure that many of you will be starting your Christmas holidays today!
There is a total Xmas atmosphere everywhere: dinners with friends and with
work colleagues, the Xmas cards that we now get by email when we used to get
them by post and, of course, we can’t miss the Nativity Shows that our
children, nephews and nieces do at school, some of them dressed as
snowflakes, stars, shepherds, little angels or whatever they have to wear
this year! They look so cute dressed up like that!!

This weekend I must definitely hang up some decorations as Alfonso has told
me that our son is going to be traumatised if we don’t spread some Xmas cheer
around the house.. hahahahah!

I’m also getting organised with my Christmas shopping and last
week after an interview I had with a newspaper, I went for a walk around Madrid’s
Fuencarral street to the Kiehls shop – I love their brand.

While I was there I bought some products for myself, to take to my office and some
presents for my friends – most of them love Kiehls now after seeing me using
their products for so many years.

For my shopping trip I wore a jumper from Bel Cashmere for Eustyle, trousers form Cool
the Sack , boots from Mascaró, a handbag from Carolina Herrera. The necklace
is from Belao, earings from Maramz, coat from Lentejita and sunglasses from
Mr. Boho. All these things can be found in Eustyle.

And how are you doing with your Xmas shopping?

Have a nice weekend!


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