My beautiful beach boy

Hello everyone!

Happy Wednesday! How’s the week before Easter going? You are probably thinking about the holidays already… So am I!

Today I’m sharing with you behind the scenes photos from our HOLA! magazine shoot, released last week. We took them in Formentera when I was there a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time. It was fun, because it was a family atmosphere. It’s good to be at home and do things your way, especially when the photos are so personal, with Alfonsito …

For the photo shoot I wore clothes that I really like, which I feel most comfortable and myself in, like the dress and skirt from Loewe, I love them!

Also, as it was in Formentera it made things easier. I always feel better when I’m there. As soon as I first step on the island, I start looking better!

The pictures were by Julio Rodero, who is the best! Hair and makeup by Eva Villar, who knows me perfectly and knows what suits me.

Other than that, I’m already planning the Easter holidays. I’ll probably go to Oviedo for few days, to help my sister with Fernandito, her youngest, and Manolito and Mini, and then … relax. I hope I have time to enjoy my family and son, because with so much work I miss him so much!!!



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