Elephants in Formentera


How’s your week going?

Surely many of you are thinking about the holidays … they will arrive soon if you haven’t already started them! As I’ve been telling you over the past weeks on the blog, I’ve been in Formentera with the family, and after a few days in Madrid working and closing some issues that I had pending, I have come to Marbella, where I always go during the summer with my family.

Here I have many memories of my childhood and my youth: I’ve really enjoyed this city! Now I still enjoy it a lot, but differently, I’ll tell you about my new discoveries in the next posts.

Today I wanted to show you some pictures of me whilst in Formentera. You know that I love kaftans and the truth is that I have many of them. The one I’m wearing in the photos in different than the usual ones I wear, it consists of two pieces: an undergarment close to the body and over all, the kaftan with a pattern of elephants, that Alfonsito loves, because since he can remember has always had a fixation with elephants. It is from Essentiel. I have combined it with shoes from Polin et Moi for eustyle.es and necklaces from Belao for eustyle.es

Many kisses,