It’s Monday… My advert is here!


Hi everybody and happy Monday!

What a nice weekend I’ve had. Relaxing, running in the park, enjoying the sun!
I’m already a little fed up with all this cold and, although I love sunny winter days, I cannot wait to have those wonderful evenings in which at nine p.m it starts to get dark and you can take advantage of time to the max.
Today I want to show you behind the scenes from the TV ad that I shot a few weeks ago with Garnier. Garnier have created the Essentials range, some anti-ageing creams for every moment of your life: +35, +45 and +55. Skincare is not the same when you’re in the 30´s than the 50´s, because the skin requires some specific care as it ages, and now we can do this without changing cream! Thanks to them the skin is more nourished, hydrated and wrinkles are visibly reduced.
The filming was on a really cold day, not snowing but almost, it was a long day but very very fun, working with the entire team of Garnier is always a treat, over the years they have become friends. The work is fun so the hours fly away! I want to thank Natalia and Joan from Garnier for all their help, which made all the work much easier and enjoyable, you are a great team!
Hair and makeup by Eva Villar, with whom I shared many hours of filming and production, and in whom I trust: She knows exactly what I like and how I like it, so we don’t even have to talk about work ,because we understand each other very well, and we can use hair and make-up time to talk about other things, it’s always double the fun with Eva!
And how do you think it turned out? Hope you enjoy!




Lot of kisses!



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