How I motivate myself to work out

I fit in my workouts as soon as the kids have gone to school in the morning, otherwise I worry that I will talk myself out of it… It’s hard doing exercise after you’ve been working all day – the last thing you want to do is go to the gym!

I usually try and eat something before I go. If I know I’ll be running then I don’t eat, but I normally have some brown toast with peanut butter – if I eat anything else it tends to make me feel a bit sick. When I come out of the gym I’ll wait until 1pm to have a proper lunch.

I train around three times per week and on the other days I might do a little run. I think having a personal trainer is really important because they help you psyche yourself up mentally! I know if I have someone there, then it motivates me a lot better. Sometimes when you’re on your own you don’t really push yourself.



When I really can’t be bothered, I try to motivate myself by thinking of things I have coming up that I want to feel comfortable for. Holidays, for example, when you know you’ll be in a bikini all the time.

Also, if I have a big event coming up, I step up my workout and try and train a bit more.

The specifics of my workout change all the time… Every time I go to the gym, I make sure I do something different.



There are some routines that I like in particular, however. One consists of:

– 20 jumping jacks

– 20 mountain climbers

– 20 squats

– 20 side lunges.

More from me soon!

Alex x

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