How I motivate myself to work out

I fit in my workouts as soon as the kids have gone to school in the morning, otherwise I worry that I will talk myself out of it… It’s hard doing exercise after you’ve been working all day – the last thing you want to do is go to the gym!

I usually try and eat something before I go. If I know I’ll be running then I don’t eat, but I normally have some brown toast with peanut butter – if I eat anything else it tends to make me feel a bit sick. When I come out of the gym I’ll wait until 1pm to have a proper lunch.

I train around three times per week and on the other days I might do a little run. I think having a personal trainer is really important because they help you psyche yourself up mentally! I know if I have someone there, then it motivates me a lot better. Sometimes when you’re on your own you don’t really push yourself.



When I really can’t be bothered, I try to motivate myself by thinking of things I have coming up that I want to feel comfortable for. Holidays, for example, when you know you’ll be in a bikini all the time.

Also, if I have a big event coming up, I step up my workout and try and train a bit more.

The specifics of my workout change all the time… Every time I go to the gym, I make sure I do something different.



There are some routines that I like in particular, however. One consists of:

– 20 jumping jacks

– 20 mountain climbers

– 20 squats

– 20 side lunges.

More from me soon!

Alex x

‘Getting back into the gym is hard…’

Our health and fitness expert Alex Gerrard is trying to get back into her fitness regime after an indulgent holiday and reveals her tips on the most effective exercises…

Hi guys!

I’ve just got back from a holiday in Dubai so I’m trying to get back into going to the gym. It’s been hard because I’ve done basically nothing for a week… It does make you feel like you’ve lost your fitness – it’s like starting all over again! I can feel the difference, I just feel unfit.



I wanted to make the most of my holiday – I didn’t let myself go completely, I’d have salads in the day, but then at night I’d have three course meals and drinks. When the kids are there it’s hard because you end up eating their food and what they leave! Plus, you’re on holiday, you need to relax and just chill out. I did things like having a little drink in the day, which I wouldn’t normally do. I just ate what I wanted basically.

I’ve been doing 30 minute runs as a little warm up to getting back into a fitness routine. I team that with lots of heavy weights and boxing… I think heavy weights really help to tone and shape your body. If you lift light weights you don’t really benefit from them as much — you need to push yourself if you want to see a real change in your body shape.



I don’t really do a lot of cardio, I usually do about 15 minutes, if that, and then the rest — around half an hour — is all conditioning. Cardio is good but once you stop, your body does too. When you do things like conditioning, your body keeps working throughout the day, burning calories even after you’ve finished.

More from me next week!

Alex xx


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