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08 September


What a busy week! Back to school, twerking with Rylan and attending the ‘hottie’ awards…

Swatting Up

School’s back! And I’ve been trying my hardest to get a gold star by helping my schoolteacher boyfriend spruce up his Year Six classroom. In an instant, my closest acquaintances became staple guns, glue and coloured paper. I helped put up wall displays, posters, and even erected a giant, green gazebo and filled it with books and cushions to create a reading jungle for the kids. If that doesn’t make me the teacher’s pet, I don’t know what on earth will!


Witness the Fitness

Confession time: I have been a very naughty schoolgirl this week… I haven’t hit the gym once! To make up for it, I did an organised Park Run. Park Run have weekly 5km timed runs around the world every Saturday and Sunday morning. ‘Saturday and Sunday morning? That’s crazy!’ I hear you cry,  and normally I’d agree but it was so much fun and better still, it’s free. To get your sweat on and find your local run visit

To boost my protein and energy levels I’m also downing Maxitone. It’s nutritious, delicious and, most importantly of all, it’s pretty and pink. Ta-da!


Celebrity Big Brother

Do you ever get that feeling that your life is flashing before your very eyes? One minute it was the launch of Big Brother and the next, we’ve less than a week to go until the finale of Celebrity BB. I want to scream ‘slow down!’ but it’s pointless (and also awkward. I found this out the hard way during BBBOTs rehearsals). Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

This week Carol McGiffin re-entered the CBB house after housemates thought that she’d actually been evicted. Oh, how wrong they were. Hearing the doorbell ring and McGiffin’s voice bellowing, “Surprise!” was like watching the “Here’s Jonny” scene from The Shining… Only it wasn’t Jonny it was Carol… and it wasn’t scary either… so, err, nothing like the Shining. Still, you know what I mean. TV gold!

Meanwhile, on Bit On the Side, Rylan Clark and I mimicked Miley Cyrus’ twerk at the VMA’s. Contrary to popular belief, breaking out into song and dance during a live TV show is not a contractual obligation of ours. Although I slightly wish it was.


GQ Man of the Year Awards

Red carpet. Check. A-List celebrities. Check. Hot men. Ding ding ding! It could only mean one thing: it was time for the GQ Man of the Year Awards!

With the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Pharell Williams and Michael Douglas all in the same room, you’ll understand why it took me so long to choose my outfit (seventy two hours to be exact) and for having heart palpitations every time one of them walked past me.

I wanted to tell Samuel L Jackson that I thought Snakes On the Plane was one of the most underrated, iconic pieces of popular film art ever, but he was busy. I wanted to walk over to Justin Timberlake and kiss his face, but I melted at the knees. I even wanted to touch George Lamb’s grey hair, but when I saw him I giggled and ran away. Way to be cool. Still, at least I got to hang out with showbiz reporter Dan Wootton. He’s hilarious.  The first thing he did was tell me a secret and make me pinky promise not to tell. Don’t worry Dan, your secret’s safe with me.


I’d also like to take a moment to express how great the goody bag was. Seriously. You know when you’re little and the best you could ever hope for is an adult-size pack of hula hoops and non-soggy party rings? Well, let’s just say, thanks to this party bag, a few men in my life will be getting a bottle of Hugo Boss very soon. Don’t thank me. Thank Hugo.


In other news, I had two fillings this week, and found myself with a £200 bill, a swollen mouth and a 24-hour dribble-fest. Oh well, at least it won’t just be Rylan’s teeth being talked about this week. Have a great week!

AJ xxx

28 August


Welcome to my blog!

Hello my lovely readers!

I’m super excited to be launching my HELLO! Online blog and I hope you will enjoy reading about my fun and busy life…

The launch of CBB is a thing of the past and I am loving the cast. Les and Janice Battersby from my favourite soap Coronation Street are in, along with a guy I secretly had a crush on when I was younger, Dustin Diamond AKA Screech from Saved by the Bell. I think it was his curly hair that did it. Curls gets the girls! (Unfortunately Dustin now has a shaved head but I still can’t wait to see him in the house).



I like to call myself a fitness fanatic as I enjoy going to gym classes and leading an active lifestyle but with the launch of Celebrity Big Brother this week I’ve been rushed off my feet. As a result I’ve skipped the gym and done what I call, ‘The 100 Workout’ each morning. It consists of 40 jumping jacks followed by 30 crunches, 20 squats and then 10 push ups. That’s literally it. It takes less than 10 minutes and I read on @justenejaros Instagram that it burns 100 calories. Happy days!



My diet is also really important to me, but when I’m on the go all the time trying to eat healthy can be hard. My energy levels have to be high so I’ve been trying this lovely little detox called Nosh. It sounds funny but it’s great. They tailor make a diet plan for you and deliver it straight to your door each day ready to eat. And it’s delicious. Their fresh fruit smoothies are the best but their website shows the full range –

Here’s a quick cold pasta salad I love when I’m not on a detox: olives, tortellini, Parma ham, rocket and a drizzle of fresh lemon juice. Bung it all together and voila! You’ve got the perfect, healthy, quick dish. Anything for an easy life, eh?!





When I’m travelling around for events I always like to keep myself busy with either a good book or my favourite tunes on my iPod.
I’m currently reading Birdsong by Sebastian Folks. My boyfriend bought it me it yonks ago but I’ve only just got into it and so far so good. As he’s a primary school teacher, I’m hoping he gives me a gold star when I’ve completed it.

Hope you have all enjoyed a great bank holiday weekend – here’s to a great 4 day week and see you next week

AJ xx


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