My birthday, London Fashion Week and partying with Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora


Wow what a week! One minute I’m celebrating my birthday (being another year younger of course) the next I’m wallowing in self-pity about being single on Valentine’s day (such a girl) and before I could say “on trend” it was London Fashion Week and I’m tottering about Somerset House in uncomfortable shoes and rain-soaked socks to see the fashion pack in all their glory.


From Pamm Hogg to Bernard Chandran I got to witness some really fun shows and where LFW is concerned anything goes which is why my two favourite outfits worn by moi was a SpottedOnCeleb skirt with a transparent Textile Federation top to flash my puppies (above) and a red suit from Reiss. I bumped into girl band Neon Jungle (top) at the fabulous Sorapol show and it was as though Jess and I had planned our red on red outfits. Snap!


Next stop was the mother of all Prince concerts at the oldest jazz club in London, Ronny Scott’s. With a max capacity of just 140 people, this was an intimate affair enjoyed by the likes of Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora and (ahem) me. Too blown away by being graced by the presence of Prince, I only managed to get one blurry picture of the man himself. Voilà!


As you can imagine after such a hectic week I got ill (typical) and unfortunately missed out on the Brits and the after parties last night but I’m sure it was wonderful (…and no I don’t want to talk about it).

So until next time, it’s a tarrah from me,

AJ Odudu


Celebrating the Shard’s first birthday, my embarrassing DJ moment and getting ready for the BAFTAs

I’ve never attended a party to celebrate the birth of a building before but this week I went to The View from The Shard to wish it a happy 1st, and what a birthday bash it was. Unlike most parties of infants I’ve attended, there were no candles, bouncy castles, party poppers or games of pass the parcel (disappointing) but there was a performance by former Sugarbabes, MKS, champagne, canapés and fit boys. Ooeer! My party wear was by FindersKeepers and my bag was by Textile Federation. Fancy!


I got chatting to hot, new girl band Neon Jungle who made me chuckle and welcomed me open armed into their band (albeit for one night only). Girl Power! Brace yourself, there’s a whole lot of hair in this photo.


The music continued to be ace even after MKS performed. In fact, I had a very embarrassing moment when I went up to the DJ, gushed at how amazing his set was and then asked where I could see him again. Turns out it was Rob da Bank doing an exclusive DJ set. An awkward moment that soon became magical as we joked it off with a peace signed selfie. Aww.



I had a cinema date with my friend and former Made In Chelsea lass, Ashley James as we attended the RoboCop premiere at The IMAX in London. I spent the day filming YouTube videos for my YouTube channel and deciding what to wear. I opted for a Torn by Ronny Kobo dress (one of my favourite American designers at the moment) and Ashley went for an Amanda Wakely piece. Here we are, gracing the blue carpet, looking at two completely different cameras like proper pros.

ash posing

Obviously I finished my popcorn way before the film had even started but despite that (and not wanting to reveal too much for you in case you want to go see it) I can exclusively reveal that RoboCop is a decent movie (but I’d wait for DVD if I was you). Yes. That is all you’re getting out of me.


In other news, I headed to BAFTA HQ to film for the BBC3 pre-BAFTA show last week to share some of my favourite movie moments of 2013 amongst other things of course (chatterbox). It should be a cracking show as it features the likes of Colin Farrell, Emma Thompson, Erin O’Connor and little old me.


So book yourself a romantic date with the telly at 8:30pm this Sunday. It won’t stand you up.

Until the next time, it’s a tarrah for now from me,

AJ Odudu


PS. Don’t forget to get social with me on Twitter: @AJOdudu and Instagram: @aj_odudu”

Ralph Lauren, Vanessa from the Saturdays and training for my mud run

I know it doesn’t sound riveting but I actually had a great night out at the opticians last week. Honestly! I thought it was going to be as dull as dishwater but actually, I should have expected nothing less than fashion fun when I was invited to have an exclusive sneak peak at The Western Collection by Ralph Lauren at London’s flagship Vision Express store.


I have no eye problems but I got some goggles regardless because being a specy four eyes is now cooler than ever, as Ralph Lauren quite literally put fashion in the frame. Besides, I feel dead clever in glasses.


I enjoyed wine, canapés, live music, bagged myself a free eye test and even hung out with Stooshe, Ashley James, Matt Johnson and Vanessa of The Saturdays (who made a hilarious loud entrance during a speech, immediately being told to pipe down…I pay good money to hear what’s coming out of her mouth). It’s how every visit to the opticians should be.



In other news, I have just signed up to my first ever Mudstacle, BrutalRun. I love keeping fit so I was genuinely looking forward to this 10K obstacle course before I visited their website which claims to only have events that “will make you wish you had never taken up exercise.” Nice! Needless to say, I’m not so confident now, but am still up for the challenge. Anyone care to join me in March? Feel free! I kick start my training program next week, which you can follow over on the fitness section of my website

Until then, tarrah for now.

AJ Odudu


Roy Cropper, Dermot O’Leary and some serious partying

Wednesday night saw the return of the National Television Awards held in London and having been last year, I was extremely excited to be invited again this year. So, after a hectic day, I rushed straight from a photoshoot to the awards and boy was it brilliant. I wore the white dress (below) by AQ/AQ, so nice that I’m showing you it twice!


Four gorgeous women who fell in the best dressed category for me personally was Michelle Keegan, Holly Willoughby, Abbie Clancy and (even though she wore a dress  which clearly showed off her nipples), I thought Kelly Brook looked cracking too.

Now my favourite television soap of all time is Coronation Street so I was delighted to witness the cast pick up the Best Soap award and I even got to meet and chat to soap royalty, Roy Cropper (yeah yeah I know that’s not his real name). Dream. Come. True.


The best thing about awards ceremonies is, let’s face it, the after party. No scandal happened (to my knowledge) but I got to have a really good catch up with my busy media friends as well as some people I’ve worked with in the past including TV and Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw, Kiss 100 presenter Melvin Odoom and comedians Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett. Oh the joys of parties.


I had so good of a time that the two days following were complete write-offs but hey, this post is better late than never right?! I even filmed a little video before and after the event
for your viewing pleasure which you can see on my YouTube channel ( You can’t say I never do anything for you. Enjoy!

In other news, Roy Cropper followed me on Twitter yesterday. Arh life gets better.


AJ Odudu


Beating the Monday blues and training with Victoria Pendleton

Guess what? Victoria Pendleton’s my new personal trainer! (In my dreams). Yesterday I attended Fitness First gym in honour of their brand re-launch, taking part in an exclusive spin class hosted by Olympic gold medallist, Victoria Pendleton.

Now apparently, statistics show that yesterday was the most depressing day of the year but there was no such sign of any Monday blues at the event (nonsensically named,
“Red Monday”). I’ve honestly never been so happy to jump out of bed at 6am! I was seated right next to Victoria so can now say that I literally trained with an Olympian. Oh. Yes.

Now obviously 40 minutes of continuous cycling caused quite a sweat but nevertheless, Victoria and I exchanged great words like “URGH! I’m shattered already” (admittedly
that was more me than her), we laughed together and we even celebrated with a sloppy high five at the end of the class. I’ve definitely got the wheels in motion for us to become
BFFs right?!


In all seriousness though, Victoria actually said I had (and I quote) “really good technique and consistent speed” so someone please get on the phone to Team GB because they have bagged themselves a new AJ-shaped recruit! Pass me a gold medal (for effort at least).

In other news, I can’t stop listening to Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz album. I was late to the twerk party but now that I’m here I don’t want to leave. I mean hello, Britney cameo! It’s
ace. To find out what else I’m listening to and what I’m wearing, check out my website


AJ Odudu


Hunky men, photoshoots and running in the rain

This week I gawped at hunky men, got my kit off and ran in the rain.


I usually associate scaffolding with builders’ bottoms but when I skipped over to the Institute of Contemporary Art last week, I witnessed something far better: male models hanging off actual scaffolding, whilst sipping on Hennessey to show off the slick new Autumn Winter 2014 collection for the Thomas Pink London Collections: Men party. There was cool music, pink gin to match my pink shirt and I bumped into my favourite Latex girl about town, Pandemonia. The only thing missing was wolf whistling from those handsome models. If only!


The Superdry show at the Old Sorting Office in London was also a lot of fun. I knew it was going to be just that so I went for bright and bold clothing, flashing my Playful Promises bra through a mesh AQ/AQ top and statement trousers. There was a DJ set by Nick Grimshaw and Samuel L Jackson was there too. I didn’t see him but I just knew I was in the presence of greatness. That’s the second time I’ve been in the same room as him (Samuel) and not met him. Here’s hoping the third time’s a charm.


Photo shoot

This week I had a photo shoot for a new magazine called Fire Up, launching later this year and featuring great emerging talent such as the CEO Dancers, Joanna Fabikun, Fireshone photography and (ahem) me. I’m really looking forward to the magazine launch in April and seeing the final shots. Check out my Instagram for a sneak preview- it’s all… legs.



I know so many people who have already given up their healthy New Year resolutions and we’re not even half way through the month. Don’t fall off the fitness bandwagon just yet. Try porridge in the morning with fruit, pasta for lunch and chicken salad for dinner and I know the weather’s been miserable but there’s no harm in running in the rain. It’ll cool you right down. Go on. Give it a whirl.

Let me know what you’ve been up to this week by tweeting me @AJOdudu.


AJ Odudu


Resolutions, fitness tips and posh frocks

Hello and welcome to 2014 peeps! Hope you entered this year in style? I personally stumbled and rolled into 2014 channelling a living disco bowl at the Ace Hotel in London. Yes my dress was very sparkly and this beauty by Virgos Lounge had been tucked away at the back of my wardrobe for months. Talk about hidden gems.


I was really surprised it still fit me actually after all the overindulging I’d been doing over Christmas but then again, I’m sort of back on track with regards to my healthy(ish) lifestyle. Here are seven New Year fit tips to get you back on track too


Invite all your friends round to eat the mountain of mince pies, cheese, chocolate and sweet treats you collected over Christmas. Share the love and share the calories


Replace that new, empty space in the cupboard with mixed raw nuts, olives and fruit to snack on. It’s not boring, it’s tasty.

3. WINE, NO!

It’s not always easy to cut something out entirely so if you can’t deprive yourself of that vino, maybe just stick to no more than 2 small glasses during the week and 2 at the weekend. Remember in the end, less will give you more.


It’s a natural process so don’t be afraid of peeing more, and drinking at least TWO litres of water a day. If you don’t like water then there’s something wrong with you!  I mean, add a lemon to it or a dash of fruit cordial or go on, shove a tea bag in it. You can’t beat a good cuppa…just steady on the caffeine.


Plan and schedule your workouts in your diary at the beginning of the week and tick them off as you complete them.


Looking a little ridiculous whilst working out makes it more fun and will distract you from the pain (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Check out this discrete little Nike number.


(Keep your eyes on my YouTube channel and Instagram for more lovely lycra).


Start today because trust me, tomorrow will never come.

And there you have it. You’ll be fit by Feb and all that without making a single resolution.

Speaking of which, I’ve not made one yet. I usually make the same resolution each year which is to stop biting my nails but I fail every time *sigh*. So this year I’m going to aim to pursue all of the things that I thoroughly enjoy doing anyway. Blogging and writing more about fitness, fashion, music and my life as a Lancashire Love Lump living in London. I’m going to get involved in radio so that more people can hear my dulcet tones without having to see me at the same time. Of course I’m going to continue to present on television but I also want you to delve deeper into my life via my YouTube channel. I’m going to go shopping more (guilt free) and post pictures of me showing off all my new clobber. I want to visit the hairdressers more because I’m lazy and prefer someone else doing my hair. I’m going to treat myself to an expensive handbag because I bloody deserve it and most importantly, I’m going to continue biting my nails. Why break the habit of a lifetime if you truly enjoy doing it? I guess what I’m trying to say is that my only resolution this year is to do more of what makes me happy.

So here’s to a year full of giggles.

Wishing you the best 2014.

AJ Odudu


Rough Copy, playful promises and becoming a music fitness freak…

This week I had a Cosmopolitan, Playful Promises, became a music fitness freak, partied with Maybelline and saw Rough Copy scrub up well – again!


COSMO Awards after Party

After the party there’s an after party, after that party there’s the hotel lobby* or in this case, a museum. Yes I spent a night at the museum (the Victoria and Albert museum to be precise) and in amongst the beautiful artwork, ancient trinkets and statues showing men’s jiggly bits gathered a sparkly crop of celebrities. I’m talking Eliza Doolittle, Ellie Goulding, Jameela Jamil, Caroline Flack and then little old me.

The party was thrown right after the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman Awards, a ceremony created to celebrate and reward the brave, successful and inspirational woman of 2013. I chatted to uber cool DJ, Krystal Roxx, who entertained the crowd with a floor-filling set. I loved how she played around with different genres, mixing in the likes of Nirvana, The Police, Little Mix and Stevie Wonder with house music, but most of all I loved how we both wore dresses from AQ/AQ. Great minds…

There was a special performance from Sugarbabe, Amelle Barrabah which was ace and I bumped into my favourite X Factor group, Rough Copy. I’ve met them before and every time we meet our outfits co-ordinate. I can’t sing but come on boys… let me in the band? This photo was surely meant to be!



Playful Promises
It’s almost Christmas and on my wish list are some nice underwear for nobody else but me myself and I (that’s not selfish). Thankfully, Playful Promises (a lingerie brand right up my street) made like Santa and invited me to their London boutique to check out their new collection. They have officially revamped floral prints from soft, summary and girly to dark, sexy and sultry, perfect for the winter months (and Christmas in my home town Blackburn if you ask me). I got the cutest Anastasia underwear set and having seen Perry of Little Mix in the same bra, I definitely think I’ll be rocking the whole ‘underwear as outerwear’ look, whether it’s chilly outside or not.



Musical Fitty
Is there any such thing as a musical fitty? Of course! After all, this week I’ve been encouraged to get to the gym and go to the park for a run in the freezing cold purely because of my playlists. Currently I’m obsessed with Major Lazer (their last two albums are often on repeat on my iPod), I am in love with Jaguar Skills (who I’ve shamelessly seen live nine times and who is still blowing my mind) and

I’ve just discovered Krystal Roxx’s workout playlist mix on Soundcloud which is not only free but keeping me going on that tiring treadmill way longer than usual. Working out to good music not only makes you exercise harder but personally, it makes me feel like I’m having a rave first thing in the morning and let’s face it, partying is totally worth sweating for so turn up the volume and get to the gym!

Here’s me and Krystal Roxx:



Maybe she’s born with it or maybe it’s the Maybelline Christmas party! Well there was no ‘maybe’ about the latter last night as I headed on down to London club Disco where I was transported back in time with a ’70s disco-themed extravaganza to celebrate in festive style. Dancers on skates, a retro playlist provided by Nicola Roberts and disco balls here, there and everywhere; the Maybelline Christmas party had it all.



I bumped into the gorgeous Ashley Roberts who was my fellow high street chick sporting Miss Selfridge. It was certainly A ‘Night Fever’ to remember (ahem).


In other news, I can talk again. After my voice operation I had seven, pure, unadulterated days of silence which was hard for me (but I think my boyfriend enjoyed it). I walked around with a white board, had people speak at me as though I was actually deaf and filmed a silent YouTube video coming soon at but after initially sounding like the love child of Joe Pasquale and Barry White, I’ve finally got my mojo back in time for Christmas. Phew!

And on that merry note, tell me what’s on your Christmas wish list? Tweet me @AJOdudu



AJ Odudu



This week I’m freeing my mind, keeping my trap shut, getting naked but first…

This week, in addition to my regular body pump gym classes and park runs, I discovered two things. Voga and Victoria Secret models. Okay, so I’ve always know about Victoria Secret models but I’ve never followed their workout plans. Where have I been? Missing out that’s where. I tried their ab workout and it’s top notch. I mean blimey! No wonder the girls have washboard stomachs. It’s no walk in the park but it’s certainly achievable. I’ve done it just three times this week and I already feel more toned. Bring on the six pack!

It sounds hilarious but I can confirm that Voga is an actual thing. Yes, it’s the cross between Voguing and Yoga and the best thing is…I’m not even joking. This hybrid promises to deliver all the health benefits of yoga while having a cardiovascular workout in none other than a working mens club (I’ll feel right at home). A working mens club? I’m visualising my two favorite things: lunging and pork scratchings. I wonder if they’ll play any En Vogue so that you can ’free your mind’ body and soul? Whatever their playlist is, I’m going.


I attended the Boohoo press day for their SS14 collection and it nearly blew my socks off. There were healthy salads, chunky chocolate brownies, and naturally, Bloody Mary-flavoured popcorn.

But enough about the snacking, they also had a fantastic collection: Pretty pastels, vibrant colours, floral prints… Boohoo have it covered. Even the menswear was fab. Can it hurry up and be summer now please?


I headed down to Rankin HQ to feast my eyes on Jonny Dar’s special preview of his series of stunning images, ‘Tuuli by Dar’. I’d be bonkers if I passed up the opportunity to see a wall filled with giant photographs of beautiful, naked, painted women: I’m only human. I can’t wait for it to be next year so that I can hang up my beautiful Rankin calendar. Happy New Year! Too keen?!

Speaking of being in the nude, I attended a private event at one of my favourite cocktail bars in London to celebrate the launch of the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. I got the chance to play around with the 12 insanely beautiful rose-hued neutrals and as I’ve already got the first and second (Naked and Naked 2), why not make three the magic number? This palette is every girls Christmas dream and as I’ve been such a good girl this year, I’m thinking (hoping) Santa will stick this in my stocking.


Booty shaking, body popping, unminced words, casting that girl from Britain’s Got Talent (yes, my eagle eyes saw her) in her video: Lily Allen I’ve missed you! Her new single, Hard Out Here manages to give a serious message with a massive dollop of humour. I was cackling. It’s my favourite song at the moment oh and I’m on the verge of digging out my old cargo pants because All Saints are getting back together too. Yipeee! They’re going to be touring with The Backstreet Boys. Never Ever have I ever felt so excited about pop music.


In other news, I’m having a throat operation. Not scared about the op but more the fact I’ll have to keep my trap shut for 7 days. 7 days!!!

Wish. Me. Luck.


AJ Odudu


Meeting Khloé Kardashian, showing off as a DJ and fun with Jason Donovan

This week I met Khloe Kardasian. That is all. Not really. I showed off my DJing skills, worked my bod, surprised my little brother all before having extra fun with Jason Donovan, Caroline Flack and Matt Richardson on The Xtra Factor. Phew!

Khloe Kardashian puckers up for Lipsy
Hola bonitos, can I just kick things off by stating the fantastic fact that I met the one and only Khloé Kardashian this week! A dream. Yes, an actual dream come true! I accidentally fell in love with Khloé and her sisters whilst watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians so, needless to say, I am an uber fan – sad but true. I had one objective that evening: to get a picture with Khloé. Did I believe and achieve? Find out in a mo…

The Kardashian trio have just launched a collection with high street brand Lipsy and so threw a massive party to celebrate. It was held at the Natural History Museum, which is already full to the brim with examples of outstanding natural beauty. Khloé was looking ace and I was able to congratulate her on the launch of her collection, she congratulated me for having a (and I quote) “cool British accent” – a moment I’m sure we’ll both never forget! And here is that moment, captured for lifelong prosperity:

Me with the wonderful Khloé Kardashian

Me with the wonderful Khloé Kardashian

I also hung out with the lovely band Stooshe, and here’s the moment after I sang their own song at them.

Me with the lovely Stooshe ladies

Me with the lovely Stooshe ladies

*Hey Mr DJ put a record on, I wanna dance my baby*
OK then! After all, in the immortal words of Madonna, music makes the people, come together…yeah! So I DJed at the Emslie Creative press launch in a bar in Mayfair, London, with four hours of back-to-back awesome tunes (even if I do say so myself). This was an exclusive event held to showcase new collections from brands such as Unreal Fur, Two Angel and the pretty Kat&Bee jewellery. I was wearing FindersKeepers label from Spotted On Celeb, also showcasing their collection.

Superstar DJ

Superstar DJ

Mind over body
Busy week, frosty weather… it doesn’t half cause havoc with my body ya know. I’m all sniffly and goose pimply, I’m walking around with Kleenex, Vicks and Lemsip in my bag. Very glamorous! But all this doom and gloom has not put a stop to my workouts. Why? Because I’m still being held to financial ransom by my GymPact app. It is officially the best motivation ever. Trust me, waking up when it’s still dark and going for a run or hitting the gym is the last thing I want to do right now, but I don’t like the thought of wasting those pennies just because I skipped a gym session. I do think it’s important to try and keep in shape and staying as fit as physically possible in these adverse weather conditions. That’s why, amongst other activities this week, I attended the gym to participate in aqua aerobics. I don’t usually like wetting my hair for fitness purposes, but it’s such a good way to burn calories and get an all over body work out. I even treated myself to 15 minutes in the steam room after. Ooh-err!

Xtra Factor
On Sunday, I appeared on The Xtra Factor as a guest panelist and I vlogged about it (keep an eye on my YouTube channel for that). I met my favourites to win, Rough Copy, who my mum actually calls Rough Carpet or Rough Justice (she’s a confused lady). I saw the Backstreet Boys perform (Nick Carter still looks well fit), I saw Miley Cyrus perform (and she was fully clothed) and I even saw Gary Barlow perform – it was like an actual concert!

Me with the Rough Copy boys

Me with the Rough Copy boys

My time on the show was certainly short but very sweet and I got to hang out with Jason Donavan (who touched my leg), my two favourite cheeky chappies, Rickie and Melvin of Kiss 100, as well as Caroline Flack and Matt Richardson of course. Amazing. Unfortunately for Sam Callaghan, he got the chop, but he’s such a sweetheart I think he’ll do well regardless – at the very least, he’ll bag himself a hot girlfriend!

The Xtra Factor Panel

The Xtra Factor Panel

In other news I went to Blackburn to celebrate my little brother’s 18th birthday. In true Lancastrian style the surprise party was thrown in a working men’s club. Top tradition! And Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air is crying in the celebrity jungle. Tarzan he isn’t, gifted dancer he is.

Cheerio for now!

AJ xx

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