Getting into spinning with Victoria Pendleton

As the countdown to my 76 mile cycle for Action Medical Research continues, so too do my extra workout routines. Last week I took to the bike saddle with a couple of spin classes at my local Fitness First gym and trained with my new fitness BFF, Tabata.

If you haven’t tried spinning yet or didn’t like it the first time round, here are 3 reasons why I think spinning will spin you into a fitness frenzy.

1. Spinning is a low impact cardio exercise so it’s good for your joints as you’re not putting pressure on them.

2. It burns up to 600 calories per hour class. Wahoo!

3. It’s fun (well at least for me it is)!

Check out the time I did a spin class with Victoria Pendleton on my YouTube channel:


Now on to my new bestie, Tabata. It’s perfect if you’re short of time and in need of a quick, killer session as, in a nutshell, Tabata is a four minute workout. Be warned though, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

It’s four minutes of pain followed by four minutes of pain followed by (you get the gist). I was sweating immediately and sore for days but it was definitely worth it. I can’t believe I’ve not tried it before. I’ll be as fit as a fiddle in no time (well…in four minutes). It’s perfect prep for my DIVA bike ride.

Don’t forget to donate and get involved with the great cause that I’m cycling for Action Medical Research

Tarrah for now,

AJ odudu


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