Rough Copy, playful promises and becoming a music fitness freak…

This week I had a Cosmopolitan, Playful Promises, became a music fitness freak, partied with Maybelline and saw Rough Copy scrub up well – again!


COSMO Awards after Party

After the party there’s an after party, after that party there’s the hotel lobby* or in this case, a museum. Yes I spent a night at the museum (the Victoria and Albert museum to be precise) and in amongst the beautiful artwork, ancient trinkets and statues showing men’s jiggly bits gathered a sparkly crop of celebrities. I’m talking Eliza Doolittle, Ellie Goulding, Jameela Jamil, Caroline Flack and then little old me.

The party was thrown right after the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman Awards, a ceremony created to celebrate and reward the brave, successful and inspirational woman of 2013. I chatted to uber cool DJ, Krystal Roxx, who entertained the crowd with a floor-filling set. I loved how she played around with different genres, mixing in the likes of Nirvana, The Police, Little Mix and Stevie Wonder with house music, but most of all I loved how we both wore dresses from AQ/AQ. Great minds…

There was a special performance from Sugarbabe, Amelle Barrabah which was ace and I bumped into my favourite X Factor group, Rough Copy. I’ve met them before and every time we meet our outfits co-ordinate. I can’t sing but come on boys… let me in the band? This photo was surely meant to be!



Playful Promises
It’s almost Christmas and on my wish list are some nice underwear for nobody else but me myself and I (that’s not selfish). Thankfully, Playful Promises (a lingerie brand right up my street) made like Santa and invited me to their London boutique to check out their new collection. They have officially revamped floral prints from soft, summary and girly to dark, sexy and sultry, perfect for the winter months (and Christmas in my home town Blackburn if you ask me). I got the cutest Anastasia underwear set and having seen Perry of Little Mix in the same bra, I definitely think I’ll be rocking the whole ‘underwear as outerwear’ look, whether it’s chilly outside or not.



Musical Fitty
Is there any such thing as a musical fitty? Of course! After all, this week I’ve been encouraged to get to the gym and go to the park for a run in the freezing cold purely because of my playlists. Currently I’m obsessed with Major Lazer (their last two albums are often on repeat on my iPod), I am in love with Jaguar Skills (who I’ve shamelessly seen live nine times and who is still blowing my mind) and

I’ve just discovered Krystal Roxx’s workout playlist mix on Soundcloud which is not only free but keeping me going on that tiring treadmill way longer than usual. Working out to good music not only makes you exercise harder but personally, it makes me feel like I’m having a rave first thing in the morning and let’s face it, partying is totally worth sweating for so turn up the volume and get to the gym!

Here’s me and Krystal Roxx:



Maybe she’s born with it or maybe it’s the Maybelline Christmas party! Well there was no ‘maybe’ about the latter last night as I headed on down to London club Disco where I was transported back in time with a ’70s disco-themed extravaganza to celebrate in festive style. Dancers on skates, a retro playlist provided by Nicola Roberts and disco balls here, there and everywhere; the Maybelline Christmas party had it all.



I bumped into the gorgeous Ashley Roberts who was my fellow high street chick sporting Miss Selfridge. It was certainly A ‘Night Fever’ to remember (ahem).


In other news, I can talk again. After my voice operation I had seven, pure, unadulterated days of silence which was hard for me (but I think my boyfriend enjoyed it). I walked around with a white board, had people speak at me as though I was actually deaf and filmed a silent YouTube video coming soon at but after initially sounding like the love child of Joe Pasquale and Barry White, I’ve finally got my mojo back in time for Christmas. Phew!

And on that merry note, tell me what’s on your Christmas wish list? Tweet me @AJOdudu



AJ Odudu



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