This week I’m freeing my mind, keeping my trap shut, getting naked but first…

This week, in addition to my regular body pump gym classes and park runs, I discovered two things. Voga and Victoria Secret models. Okay, so I’ve always know about Victoria Secret models but I’ve never followed their workout plans. Where have I been? Missing out that’s where. I tried their ab workout and it’s top notch. I mean blimey! No wonder the girls have washboard stomachs. It’s no walk in the park but it’s certainly achievable. I’ve done it just three times this week and I already feel more toned. Bring on the six pack!

It sounds hilarious but I can confirm that Voga is an actual thing. Yes, it’s the cross between Voguing and Yoga and the best thing is…I’m not even joking. This hybrid promises to deliver all the health benefits of yoga while having a cardiovascular workout in none other than a working mens club (I’ll feel right at home). A working mens club? I’m visualising my two favorite things: lunging and pork scratchings. I wonder if they’ll play any En Vogue so that you can ’free your mind’ body and soul? Whatever their playlist is, I’m going.


I attended the Boohoo press day for their SS14 collection and it nearly blew my socks off. There were healthy salads, chunky chocolate brownies, and naturally, Bloody Mary-flavoured popcorn.

But enough about the snacking, they also had a fantastic collection: Pretty pastels, vibrant colours, floral prints… Boohoo have it covered. Even the menswear was fab. Can it hurry up and be summer now please?


I headed down to Rankin HQ to feast my eyes on Jonny Dar’s special preview of his series of stunning images, ‘Tuuli by Dar’. I’d be bonkers if I passed up the opportunity to see a wall filled with giant photographs of beautiful, naked, painted women: I’m only human. I can’t wait for it to be next year so that I can hang up my beautiful Rankin calendar. Happy New Year! Too keen?!

Speaking of being in the nude, I attended a private event at one of my favourite cocktail bars in London to celebrate the launch of the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. I got the chance to play around with the 12 insanely beautiful rose-hued neutrals and as I’ve already got the first and second (Naked and Naked 2), why not make three the magic number? This palette is every girls Christmas dream and as I’ve been such a good girl this year, I’m thinking (hoping) Santa will stick this in my stocking.


Booty shaking, body popping, unminced words, casting that girl from Britain’s Got Talent (yes, my eagle eyes saw her) in her video: Lily Allen I’ve missed you! Her new single, Hard Out Here manages to give a serious message with a massive dollop of humour. I was cackling. It’s my favourite song at the moment oh and I’m on the verge of digging out my old cargo pants because All Saints are getting back together too. Yipeee! They’re going to be touring with The Backstreet Boys. Never Ever have I ever felt so excited about pop music.


In other news, I’m having a throat operation. Not scared about the op but more the fact I’ll have to keep my trap shut for 7 days. 7 days!!!

Wish. Me. Luck.


AJ Odudu


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