Rylan’s birthday, knickers and money-saving

This week I’ve partied with Rylan Clarke, took my piggy to the bank, drank gold and didn’t get knickers in a twist. 

Rylan Clark’s Bday Bash

Friday night was the most important celebrity party of the year; my buddy, Rylan Clark’s 25th anniversary of life. He celebrated it in true Essex style in a mystery location in Essex! It was a private party and as such there was a press embargo which meant no cameras, no phones so we got up to no good. I can’t say much but I will tell you that there was a delicious strawberry fountain. Oops I’ve said too much.



This new app of mine is really quite the money spinner. It’s holding me to financial ransom. If I don’t work out then my purse loses out but if I do, my piggy bank gets fed. The thought of losing 10 whole dollars per week if I skip a session is just the encouragement I need and my mother always said “count those pennies”. I’m on week two of using my GymPact app and have gained 10 dollars for losing half a pound. Stick that on your money saving website Martin Lewis!


Knick Knacks
I spent a whole day riffling through other peoples knicker draws. Not in a weird way but because I was at the Freya Lingerie press event. It was a Rio theme: just what the models needed as they strutted around in their underwear, trying to convince themselves that they were in Copacabana and not in Leicester Square, London. I’ve never seen so many beautiful sets of underwear: I’m talking designed-to-suit-all preferences, something for the gym, something for the beach, something for a romantic night in (if catch my drift wink wink nudge nudge), it had it all. Here are my favourite pieces.


Vodka and gold
On Wednesday night I was in Chelsea sipping on vodka and gold. No, really, I was at the launch night of Imperial Vodka Gold which is infused with actual 23 carat gold. The launch was at Raffles Chelsea in London and was hosted by none other than Cheska from Made In Chelsea.  In other news, Christmas lights have been switched on in London. Some say it’s too early, I say… it’s 41 days till Christmas. Wahoo! Get excited people.



And on that merry note it’s tarah from me.




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