November, 2013

20 November


Meeting Khloé Kardashian, showing off as a DJ and fun with Jason Donovan

This week I met Khloe Kardasian. That is all. Not really. I showed off my DJing skills, worked my bod, surprised my little brother all before having extra fun with Jason Donovan, Caroline Flack and Matt Richardson on The Xtra Factor. Phew!

Khloe Kardashian puckers up for Lipsy
Hola bonitos, can I just kick things off by stating the fantastic fact that I met the one and only Khloé Kardashian this week! A dream. Yes, an actual dream come true! I accidentally fell in love with Khloé and her sisters whilst watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians so, needless to say, I am an uber fan – sad but true. I had one objective that evening: to get a picture with Khloé. Did I believe and achieve? Find out in a mo…

The Kardashian trio have just launched a collection with high street brand Lipsy and so threw a massive party to celebrate. It was held at the Natural History Museum, which is already full to the brim with examples of outstanding natural beauty. Khloé was looking ace and I was able to congratulate her on the launch of her collection, she congratulated me for having a (and I quote) “cool British accent” – a moment I’m sure we’ll both never forget! And here is that moment, captured for lifelong prosperity:

Me with the wonderful Khloé Kardashian

Me with the wonderful Khloé Kardashian

I also hung out with the lovely band Stooshe, and here’s the moment after I sang their own song at them.

Me with the lovely Stooshe ladies

Me with the lovely Stooshe ladies

*Hey Mr DJ put a record on, I wanna dance my baby*
OK then! After all, in the immortal words of Madonna, music makes the people, come together…yeah! So I DJed at the Emslie Creative press launch in a bar in Mayfair, London, with four hours of back-to-back awesome tunes (even if I do say so myself). This was an exclusive event held to showcase new collections from brands such as Unreal Fur, Two Angel and the pretty Kat&Bee jewellery. I was wearing FindersKeepers label from Spotted On Celeb, also showcasing their collection.

Superstar DJ

Superstar DJ

Mind over body
Busy week, frosty weather… it doesn’t half cause havoc with my body ya know. I’m all sniffly and goose pimply, I’m walking around with Kleenex, Vicks and Lemsip in my bag. Very glamorous! But all this doom and gloom has not put a stop to my workouts. Why? Because I’m still being held to financial ransom by my GymPact app. It is officially the best motivation ever. Trust me, waking up when it’s still dark and going for a run or hitting the gym is the last thing I want to do right now, but I don’t like the thought of wasting those pennies just because I skipped a gym session. I do think it’s important to try and keep in shape and staying as fit as physically possible in these adverse weather conditions. That’s why, amongst other activities this week, I attended the gym to participate in aqua aerobics. I don’t usually like wetting my hair for fitness purposes, but it’s such a good way to burn calories and get an all over body work out. I even treated myself to 15 minutes in the steam room after. Ooh-err!

Xtra Factor
On Sunday, I appeared on The Xtra Factor as a guest panelist and I vlogged about it (keep an eye on my YouTube channel for that). I met my favourites to win, Rough Copy, who my mum actually calls Rough Carpet or Rough Justice (she’s a confused lady). I saw the Backstreet Boys perform (Nick Carter still looks well fit), I saw Miley Cyrus perform (and she was fully clothed) and I even saw Gary Barlow perform – it was like an actual concert!

Me with the Rough Copy boys

Me with the Rough Copy boys

My time on the show was certainly short but very sweet and I got to hang out with Jason Donavan (who touched my leg), my two favourite cheeky chappies, Rickie and Melvin of Kiss 100, as well as Caroline Flack and Matt Richardson of course. Amazing. Unfortunately for Sam Callaghan, he got the chop, but he’s such a sweetheart I think he’ll do well regardless – at the very least, he’ll bag himself a hot girlfriend!

The Xtra Factor Panel

The Xtra Factor Panel

In other news I went to Blackburn to celebrate my little brother’s 18th birthday. In true Lancastrian style the surprise party was thrown in a working men’s club. Top tradition! And Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air is crying in the celebrity jungle. Tarzan he isn’t, gifted dancer he is.

Cheerio for now!

AJ xx

14 November


Rylan’s birthday, knickers and money-saving

This week I’ve partied with Rylan Clarke, took my piggy to the bank, drank gold and didn’t get knickers in a twist. 

Rylan Clark’s Bday Bash

Friday night was the most important celebrity party of the year; my buddy, Rylan Clark’s 25th anniversary of life. He celebrated it in true Essex style in a mystery location in Essex! It was a private party and as such there was a press embargo which meant no cameras, no phones so we got up to no good. I can’t say much but I will tell you that there was a delicious strawberry fountain. Oops I’ve said too much.



This new app of mine is really quite the money spinner. It’s holding me to financial ransom. If I don’t work out then my purse loses out but if I do, my piggy bank gets fed. The thought of losing 10 whole dollars per week if I skip a session is just the encouragement I need and my mother always said “count those pennies”. I’m on week two of using my GymPact app and have gained 10 dollars for losing half a pound. Stick that on your money saving website Martin Lewis!


Knick Knacks
I spent a whole day riffling through other peoples knicker draws. Not in a weird way but because I was at the Freya Lingerie press event. It was a Rio theme: just what the models needed as they strutted around in their underwear, trying to convince themselves that they were in Copacabana and not in Leicester Square, London. I’ve never seen so many beautiful sets of underwear: I’m talking designed-to-suit-all preferences, something for the gym, something for the beach, something for a romantic night in (if catch my drift wink wink nudge nudge), it had it all. Here are my favourite pieces.


Vodka and gold
On Wednesday night I was in Chelsea sipping on vodka and gold. No, really, I was at the launch night of Imperial Vodka Gold which is infused with actual 23 carat gold. The launch was at Raffles Chelsea in London and was hosted by none other than Cheska from Made In Chelsea.  In other news, Christmas lights have been switched on in London. Some say it’s too early, I say… it’s 41 days till Christmas. Wahoo! Get excited people.



And on that merry note it’s tarah from me.




06 November


This Week: John Frieda, Lily Cole, Bip Ling, Appiness, Halloween, Trevor Mcdonald and Bonfire Night (and breath!)

John Frieda

I’ve always been in love with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease,  which was a godsend (particularly through my teenage years). So when I got invited to Claridges Hotel in London to celebrate John Frieda’s 25th birthday, I was delighted – and so was my hair!


I wore my AQ/AQ dress and arrived to see model, DJ and all round good girl Bip Ling spinning the decks. Supermodel, brainbox and social entrepeneur Lily Cole played a storming set too – a little bit Blondie, a bit of C’est Chic, bravo Lily! I caught up with Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea looking gorge and said hello to the very talkative George Lamb (Britain’s answer to George Clooney in my eyes). My little brother was my chaperone for the evening and a gentleman he was too.



My friend Azim had his annual Halloween party (called Hallowzeem – a combo of Halloween and Azim, love it!). It was held at the South Place Hotel and boy was it a hellish nightmare. I was plummeted into a cacophony of zombies, dead celebs and the obligatory twerking Miley Die-rus.


I found a tartan clad Laura Whitmore looking ‘dead’ sexy with a kitchen knife in her stomach. I shared a rum and coke with Vanessa from the Saturdays and her lovely boyfriend Gary. Vanessa was quite frankly unrecognisable, clad in Mexican ‘day of the dead’ face paint. As for me? Well I was a zombie nurse of course! It’s the one and only time I’d say it was great for me to have an axe through my head.


I woke up next to a golden pumpkin, which I can say had been down Matt Johnson’s pants (sorry about that).

App of the week: GymPact

I’ve downloaded this new app called GymPact, where you earn cash for exercising, paid by members who don’t. I’ve been using it to keep me exercising consistently.

I know it sounds too good to be true but it’s seriously easy to get involved. You set a weekly goal and a price that you’ll pay other GymPacters if you miss a session and the app uses GPS and other services to keep you honest, so no cheating. Every week you complete your pact you earn cash. Get paid to go to the gym and stay healthy? I’m already $5 in! ‘Appy days!


In other news…

Dong dong headline story of the week! I saw Trevor McDonald at Arsenal Tube station (straight after Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0). Plus, Bonfire night was amazing. I saw a firework display at Southwark Park and let’s just say, love was in the air.


I love, love!

See you next week.

AJ xx

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