How you can own Union J’s faces, my YouTube channel launches and find out which male celebrity wears panty liners.

Hi everyone,

Once again it’s been a busy week…

Claire’s Accessories party

I kicked off the week at the Claire’s Accessories Halloween Ball. To me, Claire’s brings back fond memories of friendship bracelets, accompanying my friends to get their ears pierced and 3-for-2 kirby grips, but this party was much more glamorous than that. Boyband du jour Union J performed some tracks from their new album and intriguingly (and somewhat disturbingly) they were also promoting their paper party face masks – a must have! The beautiful Dionne Bromfield and my ‘spiritual guide’ Nanna Pat from TOWIE were also there. I also had a good old natter with the lovely James Arthur (I never realised he had so many tattoos!). MIC‘s Ashley James was there interviewing the guests and she asked me, if I was to have the party paper mask of any Union J member who would it be and why? Obviously I said George because there’s something about him that reminds me of Harry Styles – anyone else think that? No? Just me?!

The lovely James Arthur and AJ Odudu

The lovely James Arthur and me

Fake Reaction
I recorded Fake Reaction for ITV2 on Friday. On this show I joined the likes of Brian Bello, Made In Chelsea‘s Ollie Locke, and comedian David Morgan, and it was great to hang out with the Fake Reaction family, Joe Swash and, of course, Matt Edmondson. The show doesn’t broadcast until January so I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say that things got messy! WARNING: watch this show with a sick bag! I was teamed up with Jo Swash and I can exclusively reveal to you that he does indeed wear panty liners under his armpits as a form of sweat catcher – innovative!

The Fake Reaction crew

The Fake Reaction crew

After a disastrous week last week, where I over exerted myself, I was back on form, working on… my form. Hallelujah! Last week I didn’t stretch, this week I certainly did with a session of bikram/hot yoga, circuit training at the gym and multiple runs. I even downloaded an app on my phone called RunKeeper, which is my new fave. You can set yourself goals, keep track of your personal records, calculate how many workouts you’ve done each week and see how you stack up against your mates on a leader-board. I love it – it’s definitely a keeper!

The fab RunKeeper app

The fab RunKeeper app

YouTube Channel
I’m so excited this week as today I am officially launching my own YouTube channel called, drum role please… “AJ Odudu”! Original, I know. If, like me, you’re interested in fashion tips, make-up ideas or just want to keep up-to-date with my news then please check it out. Today you can even find out 50 facts about me, including my fear of crumbs in butter – YUK! For more breathtaking exclusives check out my YouTube channel – and don’t forget to subscribe!

In other news, can you believe Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have broken up? Poor things, I hate breakups.

Tarah for now!


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