Big hair, lobster dining and a spot of army training

Phew what a week it’s been. Big hair, army training, a children’s premiere… I’ve literally done it all!

Hair today, gone tomorrow
My wonderful hairdressers in Bermondsey have photoshoots every once in a while to show off their new styles for next season, and they very kindly invited me down to model for them. It was all about big hair and lots of it! Keep those ears and shoulders warm girls. My motto: who needs a scarf when you’ve got a four foot weave?!

Motto aside we did 3 looks:
1. Bunched up afro – a strong, power daytime look
2. Long and curly – for when you want to feel lady like or girly.
3. Long and crimped with a centre parting – perfect for the Christmas party season (and yes I am thinking about Christmas already – just 71 more sleeps to go!)

Here’s a cheeky look behind the scenes. Sshhh…




I took my boyfriend out for a meal this week (lucky devil) and we ate at LobSTAR, one of those trendy restaurants in London where you have to queue to get in the queue and when you finally get in there you’ve only got two blooming options: burger or lobster! An hour and a half later we were sat down. Luckily for us it was worth the wait because their lobster is delicious. Who knew?! We chatted up the waitress so she even knocked off a few bottles of vino – thank you very much! I highly recommend visiting this Dean Street gaff in London (and chatting up the waitress/waiter!).




Witness the (Military) Fitness
Exercising has become so much easier since I got some new gym clobber. I’m not being funny, but if you chuck on brand new leggings, a tight vest and a pink sports bra you actually feel like ‘going for it’ (or is that just me?!). To me, new, tight gym wear (in breathable fabrics) feels just like I’m wearing a giant pair of spanks and that makes me want to suck in that stomach and squeeze those gluts, which is what you should do when exercising… anyway, I digress.




This week I did a group workout session with BMF, AKA British Military Fitness. Yes you are trained by ex-military instructors of the actual Army and yes it is hard work, but you’d be fooled if you’re thinking (like I did) that it is just paying money to be shouted at while you crawl through mud crying and run until you throw up. OK, so crawling is involved but, if it’s any consolation, you go at your own pace (sort of). There’s a lot of team work involved so great if you want to meet new people and it’s all outdoors so it’s perfect if you hate the gym. Also, on average you burn a whopping 650 calories per session and the first session is absolutely free, so you can try before you buy. Result! Find a class near you by visiting

I treated my younger sister by taking her to a fancy UK premiere. I say ‘younger’, she’s 24 and this premiere was for a new kids TV show on Nickelodeon called Sam and Kat! But hey, she loved it! We bumped into the lovely Ashley James from Made in Chelsea, who was looking incredible (particularly for first thing on a Saturday morning), and MTV’s Lilah Parsons was also there, showing off a bit of tummy – well toned I may add. We shared a breakfast of popcorn and fizzy drinks – not particularly part of my healthy routine but hey, this was a show for kids so we might as well play the part I thought!




On the orange carpet on the way into the cinema I was asked what my favourite Nikelodeon programme was growing up…err I grew up in a deprived area of Blackburn – we couldn’t even get Channel 5 on my street, so my sister and I had a little giggle about that. Ah how far we’ve come… we’ve got a Digi box now!

Ta-rah for now!

AJ xx

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