A busy week of awards, fitness and beauty!

LSBC Awards
What a week it’s been. I was hugely honoured to be presenting an award at the London Schools & Black Child Awards. The award ceremony was founded by MP Diane Abbott and is part of an initiative to help raise the achievement levels of black pupils nationwide by recognising and rewarding their outstanding academic achievement. I couldn’t wait to present an award to real life brain boxes and also, what person wouldn’t want to dress up nicely and prance around the House of Commons?! What a step up from my high school assembly hall! Who knows, I could have been handing out an award to our future Prime Minister. At the thought of networking in high places, ‘Downing Street here I come!’ and off I went. I even dragged my parents along who, despite the fact that I was merely handing out an award, acted as though I was receiving one – they were so proud! Arrh.




Sol Campbell and I gave the award to the best GCSE girls, straight-A* pupils who in their spare time mentor others, help the local community and are all round good eggs. After the awards ceremony there was a performance by the beautiful VV Brown and comedy from Eddie Kadi, and I got to mingle with the brainiest young adults ever. From talking quantum physics, the conversation naturally turned to my hair and beauty tips so I was glad that I could contribute to their education in my own special way!



Pride of Britain Awards
On Monday night I attended the Pride of Britain Awards, a fantastic ceremony rewarding and celebrating the most deserving of our British public. I am a fan of the prestigious event anyway, so I knew to go prepared with my waterproof mascara and pack of Kleenex. Good job too, I was a blubbering mess!

I shared oxygen with David Cameron, who was in a stylish suit, and Labour MP Ed Milliband (doing their best to ignore each other), X Factor judges, Strictly Come Dancing crew, Dragons Den – everyone was there! It was the biggest star-studded event I’ve been to in a while and everyone looked divine in their posh frocks. Celebs really do scrub up well (and I tried my best too). I hung out with the lovely Christine Bleakley (who has incredibly long arms – her confession not mine!) and Vanessa White of The Saturdays, who looked amazing.





Aside from learning about the wonderful things that the public do for one another, my personal highlight was meeting Professor Stephen Hawking. Yes, THE Stephen Hawking. The whole evening was fantastic and made my year!



I knew the Pride of Britain awards night was going to be a one to remember and I wanted to have the energy to rise to the occasion. That’s why I had a fresh Nosh detox to boost my energy levels. It’s my go-to healthy eating plan as their detox packages are individually designed to suit you and better still, it comes ready to eat (or drink or both) right to your door and even better still, it’s yummy (which helps). After the diet I always feel great (even after just three days) and I always sleep better which naturally increases my energy levels. Because I exercise a lot I tend to select the ABC plan which combines solid foods as well as the juices. Is it possible to OD on vitamins and healthy nutrients….? I hope not!




Witness the fitness
As the days are getting shorter, darker and colder I’ve decided to slowly move my workout routines from the great outdoors to the warmth and comfort of my local Lewisham gym. Glamorous, I know. This week I’ve been focusing on my legs, bum and tum and, to combat the jiggle, I’ve been squatting, skipping and lunging, as well as doing interval training on the treadmill. Just 20 minutes alternating between a jog and a sprint gets your heart rate going and your whole body sweating, and interval training is one of the most effective ways to stay strong and lose weight. A perfect way start to my day, three times a week! AND (FYI technology geeks and lovers) my gym has this super cool TV where you can select a virtual run – you no longer need to dream about running along the beach in New Zealand, or jogging through the city in Denmark, you can just press the button and literally be on your way…well kind of. Get your comfy running kicks on and just do it! ;)




Skin Deep
I’ve been healthy inside and out this week but the weather is making a slight turn for the worst, causing my skin to turn dry. I usually cake on the make-up for events, blocking my pours and so, when I’m busy, my skin looks dull and tired. To combat this, I’ve been looking for the perfect skin product to look after my skin from head to toe and I’ve recently come across Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil. It’s good at restoring tone to those areas that might wobble, great for all skin types and it oozes in fatty acids and vitamins to help keep the visible signs of ageing at bay. Did I mention it smells nice too?! Well it does, and for such perfection the price is good too. If you’re interested, get involved with my new skin care essentials by visiting balanceme.co.uk.




In other news I’ve been spoiled with a new necklace from myflashtrash.com, this jewellery is far from trashy but it is definitely flash. I. Am. Lusting!




Peace out!



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