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Jun 13

Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil

I didn’t think anything could come between me and Moroccanoil but the bumble and bumble (Bb) Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil has made me rethink my blow dry routine.

I’ve waxed lyrical about the wonders of Moroccanoil and rightly so, it’s good stuff. I have noticed though that the scent left behind isn’t always pleasant but it did such a good job I wasn’t bothered. I am ready now to leave my Morrocanoil on the shelf and replace it with Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.

Bb Hairdresser's Invisible Oil

The stuff is amazing! It almost as if you can’t use too much, I have very thick hair so I applied it pretty liberally especially on the ends and at no point was my hair weighed down or greasy. It also smells really, really good. The oil is a blend of a blend of six essential oils and extracts. It reads like a list of hair heroes; argan oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and tahitian monoi extract, all working to soften, detangle, help strengthen against breakage, reduce frizz, tame flyaways and add shine. It is the stuff of hair dreams and where has it been all my life?

Bb Hairdresser’s Oil also provides a UVA/UVB filters, and works on all hair types; fine, coarse, curly and everything in between. Since it’s colourless, it won’t add an amber tint that can dull or alter the colour of lighter hair.

You can use it at any stage of hair styling; on damp hair before heat-styling to soften; on dry hair throughout the day to tame flyaways and add subtle shine. I used it before blow drying and was so impressed with how soft and sleek my hair was. I used a considerable amount and my hands felt hydrated and nourished just from applying it so you have an idea of how good it made my hair look, feel and smell.

I am saying goodbye to Moroccanoil and only using Bb Hairdresser’s Oil from now on. They cost the same but in my opinion; the BB product is much, much better.

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil – £30\100 ml

May 13

Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner

I am a huge fan of Ojon as their products work so well on curly and Afro hair.

When I read about the new Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner I knew it was something I had to get my hands or should I say hair on. Anyone with Afro hair, but especially those who have treated it with colour or chemicals needs to use this product.


The conditioner contains three butters and seven oils which are known for their nourishing and shine enhancing properties. I like to know what I’m putting on my hair and if you do to, take these ingredients in:

  • Ojon Oil penetrates the hair shaft to repair and seal the cuticle and helps to build up hair’s natural resistance to future damage.
  • Indian Kokum is rich in essential lipids, is known for its nourishing properties and is traditionally used to hydrate skin and condition hair.
  • Brazil Murumuru Butter contains oleic acid that helps retain moisture in skin and hair and gives a healthy shine to damaged or over-processed hair.
  • African Shea Butter is high in vitamins A and E and provides essential nutrients that help strengthen and hydrate hair.
  • Rouge Oleifera helps protect while reducing flyaways and adding shine and manageability.
  • Tahitian Monoi Oil adds shine and protects hair from both heat and environmental factors.

The conditioner itself looks a bit like Cadburys Creme Egg filling; it is a two colour product – the ivory colour is to soften the hair and the amber colour is to nourish, repair and condition.

You can use it daily but I like to use it as a deep conditioning treatment. When I had my hair coloured at Daniel Galvin, the colourist told me there is no such thing as too much conditioner for coloured hair. With that in mind I applied the Rare Blend Deep Conditioner in the morning and washed it out in the evening.

My hair felt amazing afterwards. My tangle teezer glided through my hair with ease and my hair looked, felt and smelled wonderful. I love this product, as anyone with curly or Afro hair knows; shampoo we can be flexible on but when it comes to conditioner we need the good stuff. Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner is the good stuff.

In clinical studies the conditioner reduced friction force and improved ease of combing by 98%. Curly girls will love that statistic!

Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner – £29/150ml

May 13

Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs

I’ve long envied those girls with their loosely waved and perfectly styled hair and wondered if it was a look that could work on my hair.

My friends always say that long hair is wasted on me as I usually wear it off my face and up in a ponytail. Now I’ve added colour to it I am making a conscious effort to wear it down more so I thought I’d try about the new Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs to add some movement and body to my hair.

labelm Advanced Pro Curling Tong 38mm LMELCT38

The tongs features include:

Tourmaline and Ceramic Technology for 100% static free results
LCD digital display indicator and ready light
Built-in microcomputer
Fast heat up & heat restoration
Adjustable temperature control from 80-210°C (I use it at 180)
Safety stand and cool tip
Rubber coated soft touch handle

I started by parting my hair from side to side in four sections to make it easier to work on. I then took each section and parted it down the middle so each side had 2 sections of hair. I then divided those 2 again and curled each area away from my face. This is the size of the curl the tong gives.

daniel-galvin-finger-painting (2)

I looked like a poodle afterwards (not the look I was going for) so once I’d let them cool I raked through them with my hands and this is what it looked like.

Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs

It’s big but not too big and my hair has that swingy TV bounce. My hair holds a style pretty well so save from a couple of sprays of my Elnett Heat Protection Spray it should stay like this for at least a week.

I’ve tried barrel tongs before but I find the lack of a clamp means the curls just don’t look right (or maybe I’m just not very good!) I like the size of the curl the Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs give and think its perfect for those with short to medium length hair.

Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs – £44.95


May 13

Bumble and Bumble Straight Shampoo

I’ve always heard good things about bumble and bumble (Bb); the range is a firm fixture at Fashion Week and was used at the Burberry Prorsum show last year.

Bb Straight Shampoo is the first ever sulphate-free cleanser from bumble and bumble. Sulphate is known to irritate the scalp, strip the essential oils from hair and cause the hair to dry out which can lead to breaking and damage meaning it isn’t very good for colour treated and /or Afro hair.

Bb straight shampoo

Bb Straight Shampoo is a mild formulation that helps to reduce frizz and flyaways. Better yet, it is paraben free so perfectly safe for use on coloured or chemically treated hair.It contains patent-pending Concern-straight Technology which unfurl sand calms hair, increase manageability and reduce frizz.

I love this shampoo. I often find sulphate free shampoos so very different from ordinary ones; they do clean the hair but they don’t leave it feeling as soft and smooth. I know that’s not necessarily a bad thing and that it’s probably chemicals leaving a nasty film on my hair but sometimes I do miss the soft feel of an ordinary shampoo.

Bb Straight Shampoo is so moisturising I had to check I hadn’t used the conditioner instead. That’s how good it was! While it doesn’t lather as much as a shampoo with sulphate, it does bubble, a little goes a long way and it leaves the hair clean but not stripped and so deliciously soft. It also smells good.

Bb Straight Shampoo is part of the ‘Straight’ range which is comprised of a conditioner and a blow dry cream.


Bb Straight Shampoo - £23/250ml



Apr 13

Finger Painting at Daniel Galvin Salon, London

I last got my hair coloured in November and the ombre was beginning to fade so I was so excited to be invited for a touch up at the Daniel Galvin Salon near Bond Street.

The salon itself is everything you’d expect from an establishment in Bond Street; it’s gorgeous! Light, airy, plush and grand and filled with white flowers, you feel like a celebrity from the moment you walk through the heavy doors. The staff are completely non pretentious and friendly. My coat was taken, I was given a gown and it was downstairs for a consultation with Georgia (stylist) and Chelsey (colourist).


I took a picture of Keke Palmer with me as my hair inspiration but they advised against getting the tips made that light as it would involve the use of bleach which would be very damaging to my hair. It was my decision but they wanted to make sure I understood the risk. I didn’t want to sacrifice the health of my hair so decided to go just one tone lighter than I already was.


My inspiration

We then went upstairs for the finger painting technique. Instead of using a brush to apply the colour, Chelsey twisted the hair and massaged the colour in with her hands; hence the moniker finger painting. More colour was applied to the very ends of my hair so they would have a more solid colour and it would look more natural, like I had really grown the colour of out my hair. Painting the colour on with your hands means the colour picks up differently on different parts of the hair for a more natural look.

The colour was left on for about half an hour before I had a shampoo and a deep conditioning treatment and colour gloss applied. It was then downstairs for a blow dry. Before blow drying Georgia used Kerastase Oleo Relax Slim (smoothing cream) and Kerastase Elixir (for a smooth shine) all over the hair and combed through with one of my essential items for anyone with curly hair; a Tangle Teezer.

The blow dry itself took close to 45 minutes (I have a lot of hair) so to prevent detangling and to hydrate the sections that were starting to dry, Georgia’s apprentice periodically misted Davines Dede leave in mist/conditioner. Dede is like ordinary misting water except it contains grape extract and other vitamins and minerals to nourish and add shine while it moistens the hair.

And this is the end result!

daniel-galvin-finger-painting (2)

To keep my hair in tip top condition, I was advised to use deep conditioning treatments as often as possible, to minimise the use of heat and to use oils and serums to prevent the coloured ends from drying out.

I specifically asked about their comfort factor in working with different hair types and was told they have no problems working with mixed race or afro hair.

Daniel Galvin is my third trip down colour lane (see one here and two here) and of all my experiences; I love this colour the most. Daniel Galvin is well known for his pioneering use of colour and finger painting is definitely my new favourite way of having ombre done. It might not look exactly like Keke Palmer but I think it suits me perfectly.

Daniel Galvin
58-60 George Street
London W1U 7ET

PS. And I had my hair washed sitting next to Patsy Kensit!

Apr 13

Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix

Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix is a pre-wash spray in conditioner that promises to reconstruct and rehydrate your hair.

Suitable for all hair types, it contains silk and keratin amino acids that help to make your hair less frizzy and shinier. For the best results you should spray it onto your hair before you shampoo; completely drench your hair in it before rough drying with a blow dryer. If your hair is in a really sorry state, seal the conditioner in by going over your hair with irons before shampooing and conditioning as normal.

That sounded like too much work for me as I was in a rush so I went for the wet application; shampoo as normal, towel dry, drench your hair with Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix spray in treatment then condition as normal.

Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix

After conditioning my hair it felt different; like I hadn’t properly washed the conditioner out and I have to admit I was slightly worried what my hair was going to look like at the end. Worst case scenario I’d have to wash it again but I decided to continue and see what the end result would be like.

And am I glad I did! My hair looks and feels amazing – there is no frizz and it’s the shiniest and softest it has ever been. I usually apply a few drops of Moroccanoil on my hair every couple of days to give it a shine boost but using Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix means I don’t have to.

I’m kicking myself for not doing the full pre-wash treatment; if my hair looks this good with the wet treatment (where the conditioner was only left on for one minute) imagine how good it would look if I’d done the full monty!

The treatment was created by hairdresser Paul Bryan who said: “It’s taken years of research and testing to produce a product that’s so easy to use, boosts shine to this extent and where the effect lasts as long. It’s also the perfect option if you want a natural alternative to a chemical anti-frizz, shine boosting treatment that’s semi-permanent and allows you to style in curl and texture after use. It’s also really easy to use and works either as a pre-wash treatment (in salon or at home) or as a top-up spray between shampooing and conditioning.”

Whatever your hair type; you’re going to love the effect Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix has on your tresses.

Envy Frizzgard Dual Fix Spray Treatment – £14.95/200ml


Apr 13

Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray

Much praise has been given to the L’Oreal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray. Spokesmodel Cheryl Cole and her mountain of hair look great in the ads but I had doubts on its efficacy for curly and Afro hair.

The spray contains Xylose, “a thermo-protective ingredient it shields the fibre from the harmful effects of excessive heat and protects the fibre from drying out, enhancing softness and shine.”

I tried the Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray which claims to give ‘high heat protection as well as long-lasting volume and voluptuous locks.’

Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray

Despite my earlier reservations I have to say that the Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray is actually pretty good. After washing I used my beloved Herbal Essences Split End Protection Cream (I can’t stress enough how amazing this stuff is) and 3 sprays (all over the hair) of Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray.

That might sound like a lot of product but they are both very lightweight and don’t weigh down the hair at all.

I blow dried my hair with my BaByliss Big Hair for volume and bounce and lightly skimmed over it with my straighteners. Just a few pumps of the spray has done a great job in not only protecting my hair from the heat but also in helping to hold the style. My hair is completely non crispy or crunchy, it’s very soft to the touch.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced product to protect and boost your hair then L’Oreal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray is just what you need.

Elnett Heat Protect Styling Volume Spray – £5.99/170 ml

Apr 13

Pantene Volume Booster Gel Spray

Although my hair is naturally very curly (a mixture of ringlets, waves, s curls and corkscrews) the strands themselves are actually very fine.

I have to be very careful when blow drying and straightening my hair as too much heat can make my hair look lank and thin. People are always surprised when I tell them I like to use volumising products but I find them, along with heat protection balms, essential in achieving the full bodied look I like.

I’d read good things about the Pantene Volume Spray Gel on American websites so I was keen to try it when it launched in the UK.


The gel claims it contains volume booster polymers that lift fine hair at the roots to create extra volume with great hold all day long.

Simply dispense a couple of pumps onto your scalp (I use three max) after washing and massage in. I concentrated on the front of my hair as I think my hair is naturally thinner there.

After the first use I could see the difference in my hair; my roots weren’t lying flat against my scalp and overall my hair looked thicker. A few days in I could feel that my roots were ever so slightly raised, as if the beginning of a curl. I think this is what gave the illusion of thicker hair.

If your hair is naturally very thick then you probably won’t need (or like!) Pantene Volume Booster Gel Spray but if your hair is naturally fine and especially if it’s relaxed, I think you’ll really like the finish this gives your hair.

Pantene Volume Booster Gel Spray – £3.69/150 ml

Mar 13

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream

The ends of my hair are the driest. As much as I love the way the colour has added a little interest to my hair, I can’t escape the fact that my hair isn’t as healthy as it used to be.

Regular trims are essential to prevent your coloured hair splitting and breaking and deep conditioning treatments are essential and I haven’t been visiting the salon as regularly as I should.

I asked celebrity stylist and Herbal Essences Ambassador Ben Cooke (clients include Leona Lewis, Minnie Driver, David and Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole) what ladies with ombré can do to keep their hair healthy.

He said: ‘Hair that has been coloured, especially dip dyed or ombré is going to have lost moisture and could be dry and brittle towards the ends. This is a great time to make sure you have your Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split Ends Serum in your handbag. Instead of fiddling and messing with your already dry ends apply the serum as often as needed to help tame any frizz and instantly add moisture.’

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Protection Cream

This stuff is fantastic! After just one use the ends of my hair looked so much smoother, less frizzy and flyaway and generally in a much better condition. I used it all over the hair but applied extra on the ends and the difference was immediately visible.

I’ve used lots of lotions and potions on my hair over the years but this is hands down the best one I have tried so far. And it’s a bargain at less than a fiver! I’ve bought a bottle for my Mum, told my friends to get it; seriously, you need this product in your life.

Whether your hair is coloured or not, relaxed or natural, if you’re ever going to dry it using heat, get a bottle of Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream and keep it by your blow-dryer so you remember to use it each and every time you wash your hair and prepare to be amazed by the results.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream – £4.79

Dec 12

Toni & Guy New Classic Smoothing Lotion‏

Although my hair is (super) curly, I wear is straight 90% of the time so I’m always on the look out for new products to help protect my tresses as I apply heat without weighing it down or making it look lifeless.

Simply wash and condition your hair as normal and apply a walnut sized amount of Toni & Guy New Classic Smoothing Lotion‏ to towel dried hair. If you have very long or thick hair, use a touch more. Section your hair and blow dry as usual.


It left my hair smooth, frizz free and very glossy. Thankfully it is quite lightweight so doesn’t sit heavily on the hair and weigh it down. If you’re going to use straightners, apply a 5p size amount to the ends for extra protection.

At only £6.99 for 100ml it’s an affordable addition to your hair care routine.

Toni & Guy New Classic Smoothing Lotion – £7.19/100 ml

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