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Sep 13

Joico Smooth Cure Range

The new Joico Smooth Cure range was especially developed for curly, frizzy and coarse hair.

It has been reformulated and repackaged and is sulfate-free so helps to tame hair, leaving it smooth and glossy while protecting against the dreaded humidity.

The range helps reduce frizz thanks to KeraShield Complex; a blend of oils and butters fused with hydrolyzed keratin to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect hair. Joico Smooth Cure also contains Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex; a new technological breakthrough from JOICO, which replicates the DNA of healthy human hair, rebuilding the protein structure to leave damaged and weakened tresses reconstructed and healthy.

I tried the Thermal Styling Protectant and the Leave in Rescue Treatment.


The Leave-In Rescue Treatment is a heat activated treatment which mimics the results of a Brazilian blow-dry by bonding keratin to the hairs surface. It helps in smoothing hair, fighting frizz and resisting reversion back to curl when you were aiming for straight. It also contains Guar Gum extract for some extra smoothness.

Thermal Styling Protectant is ideal for use during heat styling. It’s a spray which helps seal in the effects of Leave-In Rescue Treatment, protecting from reversion and thermal damage by up to 232 degrees.

Joico Smooth Cure Leave-In Rescue Treatment – £12.95
Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant - £12.95

Aug 13

Hair Loves From Bumble, Ojon & Caribbean Essentials

Products for curling, straightening and treating your tresses:

Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Range – from £18.50
Whatever your curl type, Bumble has a product for you. The range is made up of:
smoothing shampoo and conditioner, nourishing masque, defining crème for fine curls, calming crème for tight curls, holding foam and reactivating mist.


I use the shampoo, conditioner and nourishing masque when I’m going to wear my hair curly and simply wash condition and treat; comb through my wet hair with a tangle teezer and then apply generous amounts of the calming crème for tight curls. I then let it air dry and I’m on my way. If my hair starts to frizz or droop I apply a little reactivating mist to spring them back to life. The holding foam is like a lightweight mousse; it won’t leave your hair tough and crispy but it will make your curls frizz free and defined. Like all Bumble products they leave your hair looking, smelling and feeling wonderful. I think Bumble is my new favourite hair care range.


Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment – £23
Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment is a two phase, pre-heat styling spray for protection against styling-induced damage. It contains honey, ginseng and lemongrass to nourish dry hair and seven multi-benefit oils. Hopefully you can see in the picture that the treatment has separated; the bottom phase helps condition, detangle and nourish making hair more manageable and easier to style while the top phase help prevent breakage that can occur from heat styling. Both phases work together to protect and restore hair.


When I first applied to freshly washed and towel dried hair it felt like I was just spraying water but when I had finished blow-drying and heat styling, my hair looked, felt and smelled so sleek and soft. I’m a huge fan of the Ojon Rare Blend Oil and this pre-heat styling treatment is just as good.

Caribbean Essentials Intensive Replenishing Scalp Oil – £18 
Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. This blend of basil, bay laurel, castor, rosemary, clove and coconut oils will help refresh, clarify and stimulate the scalp. If you (or better yet, someone else) can massage the scalp oil direct onto the scalp and leave overnight you will be stimulating blood flow to the scalp, helping heal the surface of the scalp which can minimise dandruff, itching and flakes and condition the hair. The oil contains bay rum which when inhaled (not drank!) helps improve memory and relieve headaches. Use it the night before you wash your hair and over time, the condition and health of your scalp and hair will improve.


Jul 13

Tommy Guns Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner

If your hair is coloured you know that it needs extra special care to help restore strength and to keep the colour true and fast. Although coloured hair looks good it does mean that your hair has been structurally damaged and so it needs gentle cleansing and protective conditioning to seal colour into the hair shaft and to hydrate and treat your hair.


The new Tommy Guns Colour Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner contains ingredients that coloured hair will love: Bergamot, Manuka honey, Clary sage, orange, Cardamom, nutmeg and UV filters all help to keep hair clean, protected and in good condition.

Bergamot & Inula Shampoo – £5.50
Bergamot, Inula & Manuka honey conditioner – £5.50

Jul 13

Rahua Treatment at Urban Retreat, Harrods

Journeying to Harrods is always a bitter sweet experience; I love having a gorgeous treatment in beautiful surroundings but I’m not too proud to admit feeling pangs of jealousy when I see tourists from the Far and Middle East snapping up Chanel/Celine/Saint Laurent bags with wild abandon. And that’s just the ground floor!

I was in Harrods to visit the Urban Retreat spa for the new Rahua treatment.


Rahua is a salon-only chemical free treatment that repairs even the most damaging hair. The 100% natural, organic, vegan and gluten free treatment contains omega -9- rich ungurahua oil, grown and sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest, which helps flush out toxins that build up around hair follicles while its lipids strengthen hair roots. The treatment aids hair regeneration, resolves dryness, dandruff and excessive hair loss.

It’s always refreshing when a stylist is completely unfazed by my hair. I reason that if you can deal with mixed/Afro hair you can deal anything. Habit makes me check with the PR that they had someone comfortable working with Afro hair and was told of course they do. In fact she was almost surprised I was asking the question. What a refreshing change!

The treatment involves:

Shampooing hair twice with Rahua Shampoo
Combing through damp hair with Rahua Omega 9 Pro Hair Mask mixed with 7-10 drops of Rahua Elixir, paying special attention to ends
Stimulating the scalp with massage for five minutes; leaving treatment in hair for 10-15 minutes followed by another scalp massage for five more minutes.
Rinsing with warm water, finishing with a short cool rinse to close the hair cuticle and seal treatment.

Before blow drying James applied Rahua Finishing Treatment and a few drops of Moroccanoil to protect and hydrate my hair. As heat from styling tools enhances treatment results, he blow dried with a round brush and created loose waves with hair irons, pinning them as he went.


I was left with the best looking and feeling hair I’ve ever had. It was shiny, silky, strong – I was one of those annoying girls that checks their reflection in car and shop windows. It looked that good.

The Rahua treatment is perfect for all dry and distressed hair types but particularly Afro hair that’s relaxed, coloured or chemically treated. It’s like a spa weekend break for your hair.

Rahua Omega 9 Pro Treatment is available at Urban Retreat, Harrods
Price: £30 (does not include blow-dry)

Jul 13

John Frieda Full Repair Range

Heat styling (guilty), sun damage and regular hair colouring (guilty) can all end up in vicious cycle of dry, damaged and dehydrated hair.

I rarely meet a conditioner I don’t like so was more than happy to try out the new Full Repair range from John Frieda. The range (shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, repairing oil and flyaway tamer) has been designed to nourish, smooth and strengthen the hair and help break the cycle of damage. It contains Inca Inchi, an Amazonian lightweight micro-oil rich in Omega-3, to soothe coarse, damaged over-styled hair.


I’ve been using the conditioner as a co-wash (conditioner wash) and it leaves my hair smooth, soft and nourished. If I am going to straighten my hair I’ll use the Hydrate + Rescue Deep Conditioner first to nourish my hair before I heat style and to help reduce the risk of breakage.

My favourite product is the Repairing Oil Elixir. It is infused with substantial levels of omega 3 and Inca Inchi Oil, which is 47 times more than that of Argan oil. It helps to reduce breakage and repair, smooth and leave you with more manageable hair without weighing it down. It also contains highly unsaturated fatty acids which create a smooth and flexible film, wrapping broken stands to strengthen and replenish creating a natural barrier to heat damage. I use it on wet and dry hair.

The Flyaway Tamer is such a good idea; it’s a gel/oil formula that you apply to flyaways with a large mascara brush to smooth and add shine. It too contains Inca Inchi Oil.

If you’ve been unkind to your hair recently (too much sun/colour/heat etc) make friends again with the John Frieda Full Repair range.

John Frieda Full Repair range – from £5.99

Jun 13

Courtside Beauty

Wimbledon is just over a week away now, so if you’re planning on heading south this year to watch the tournament live, it’s time to start thinking about beauty ideas for managing your courtside look. With the unpredictable British weather bringing both rain and sun in any 24-hour period, it’s wise to plan ahead and pack for all types of weather.

I’ll be joining ‘The Queue’ on Monday so thought I’d share a few tips of my own to help you out:

Whatever the weather (yes, even in the rain) you should ensure your day cream contains an SPF. Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean it isn’t causing damage to your skin. Most good moisturisers contain an SPF, so if you’re particularly pale (or taking your children with you) look for a moisturiser with an SPF as high as 50. On the other hand, if your skin is naturally dark, opt for a cream with an SPF of 15. Remember, the skin around your eyes and on your lips is particularly sensitive, so it’s worth getting a product especially for these areas; two of my favourites are Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 (£57/15ml) and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Nourishing Lip Balm SPF 20 (£20/15ml).


With wind, rain and sun all forecast over the next seven days, it’s hard to predict what the weather will be on any given day at Wimbledon. But, it’s best to play it safe with a style that can work no matter what’s happening in the sky. There’s little point spending hours battling with a hairdryer and straighteners when one step outside could undo all of your hard work. Instead, work a key trend from the spring/summer 2013 London fashion shows – a chic up-do. Try a low looped chignon as seen at Chanel or a classic ponytail brought up to date with a headscarf, as seen at Dolce & Gabbana, or a sweeping fringe with a bow headband like the Louis Vuitton girls. With your hair off your face, make a statement with some chandelier earrings.


Make up
Spring usually brings to mind pastels and dewy finishes, but this season the catwalks were awash with beige, taupe and coffee. It’s that elusive ‘natural make up’ look we all want to master. Make the eyes the focal point of your face by lining them with thick, black kohl and using gold and copper eye shadow to create a natural looking smoky eye. This year, thick eyebrows have burst onto the beauty scene. If you want to work this into your natural look, I’ll let you in on a piece of advice I read on Super Savvy Me: focus on the natural shape of your eyebrows, not on the shape of your favourite celebrity’s eyebrows. As soon as you start to manipulate the whole shape of your eyebrows, you enter unnatural territory. Contour cheeks with a good sculpting cream before sweeping a light highlighter across the cheekbones. And here’s a good tip: to find the perfect nude, pull down your lower lip and look at the colour on the inner side – that colour is the perfect nude for you.


If that all sounds a little too plain for your taste, embrace the colour pop look from the Stella McCartney and Michael Kors catwalks. Make your look about eyes or lips – never both – and keep the rest of your face neutral. Make a statement with bright eyeliner or mascara (this season Chanel went with yellow, blue and magenta) or go for a bold matte lip in red, bright pink and even orange. This is not one for the colour shy!


My final tip is to take a statement bag large enough to fit a sunhat, an umbrella, some binoculars (in case you’re seated up in the rafters) and your obligatory sunglasses. If you see Nadal, send him my love!


3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli – £655.37
Bobbi Brown orange lipstick – £18
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ ‘Anime’ lip tar – £11.50
Alexander McQueen skull-print scarf – £165
Rayban aviators – £125
Burberry umbrella – £150
J crew earrings – £66
Oscar de la Renta ring – £145

*all catwalk pictures from*

Jun 13

A Treatment and Trim at Eleven Hair

Tucked away behind Bond Street station, Eleven Hair is a mid-sized and charming hair salon. My hair was in desperate need of a trim so I popped along to see how comfortable the stylists would be working on afro hair.

I started with a consultation with my stylist Russell. We discussed my hair routine, what my ideal hair type is and what I wanted from my visit. During our discussion he gave me a really useful tip for tonging hair: put your hair in two ponytails and only tong the ends. Run fingers through the tonged ends to loosen and you’ll have wavy hair from mid ends. Wear your hair down and as the week progresses and curls drop wear in a side pony and a messy fluffy fishtail braid when the curls have dropped out. Such a brilliant idea!

We washed my hair with Joico K Pak repairing shampoo to repair and rejuvenate damaged coloured tresses. I then had a wonderful head massage while the assistant worked in Joico Hydrating Masque to hydrate and nourish dry hair.


After conditioning, she sprayed Joico leave in moisturiser for dry hair then worked thru Joico Colour Therapy restorative styling gel which has more argan oil and protein lipids than Moroccanoil. She finished with Sculpting Lotion (good for fine hair) mixed with Smoothing Lotion to smooth without making my hair too flat. We were going for springy and elastic strands.

I had Russell and an assistant blow dry my hair and dampen sections as they dried out. As each section dried he made it into a pin curl to add body and light waves/bends. At the end he’d done such a good job he didn’t need to go over again with straightening irons; always a sign of a good blow dry.

I sometimes wonder if treatments are anything more than glorified conditioners but the next time I washed my hair I could really feel the difference. It felt thicker and stronger and I can only put it down to the Joico treatment.

I think Eleven Hair is best suited to Caucasian hair and girls with thick curly hair. When it comes to afro hair I think is best for those with mixed race and hair up to maybe 3 A-C. If you have hair that’s 4 A-C I think they might struggle to straighten it but go along for a consultation first either way.

I felt like they really cared about the condition and health of my hair and after a much-needed trim I came out with swingy happy hair.


The end result

Eleven Hair
11 Blenheim St

Jun 13

Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme

I love that undone, matte, beachy mussed up hair look that girls with Caucasian hair seem to easily pull off but I’ve never been able to quite get the look on my own tresses. Even when my hair is blow dried straight and/or flat ironed, it seems to veer between big and poufy or straightened to within an inch of its life.

In an attempt to achieve the look, I tried out the Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme. It has received mixed reviews online with some claiming it doesn’t do anything and others saying it makes their hair too greasy.


Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme was specially formulated for ‘colour-treated hair, and calming coarse, curly or African American textures’ – in other words me! The Creme contains a blend of Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Safflower and Castor Oils and gives a nice subtle satin finish to the hair.

Simply add a 10p size amount to damp hair and blow dry and usual. I used BaByliss Big Hair and twirled each section as i dried to get the choppy ‘lived in’ finish I was after. my hair dries very quickly so some sections were semi dry before I got round to them so I re-hydrated them with Bumble and Bumble Tonic; water mixed with a blend of herbs, vitamins and Tea Tree Oil to replace moisture, soothe and detangle.

I really liked the finish Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme gave to my hair; it didn’t weigh it down at all, it smelled pleasant and it left a matte, textured look to my hair; not too neat and flat but not too big and crazy either. As it was especially formulated for thick, curly and afro hair, i find a great way to make my blow dry look a little more interesting.

Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme – £21/150ml

Jun 13

Tangle Teezer for Children

If your children have curly, thick, afro or mixed race hair, you need a Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot in your life. It’s one of those ‘how did I survive before it’ type products.

I use my Tangle Teezer each and every time I wash my hair and it works amazingly at detangling my very curly hair. They’ve recently brought out a super cute Tangle Teezer for children; it’s brightly coloured and comes in a cute Magic Flowerpot case which doubles up as a storage pot for hair bands and clips.


For best results, wash your daughter’s hair, condition as usual and when wet, brush through with the Tangle Teezer to get rid of knots and tangles. I don’t know how the brush does it but there are no tears or tantrums when using this brush as it almost magically gets rid of the tangles to leave behind soft and smooth hair.


How’s this for a celebrity seal of approval: none other than Victoria Beckham tweeted a picture of the Tangle Teezer for children so now we know how and why little Harper’s hair looks so good!

Victoria Beckham Twitter

Victoria Beckham Twitter

Tangle Teezer Detangling Brush for Little Girls – £10.99

Jun 13

Exercise Beauty Favourites

I am currently two weeks in to a 60 day exercise programme called Insanity.

Created by ex-dancer Shaun T it is intense interval training and it’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done (yes, worse than spinning) but it drops the fat like nothing else.

All this exercise means I’ve had to switch up my beauty routine slightly so these are my current favourites:

exercise beauty

Bumble & Bumble Black Hair Powder – £16
This is like dry shampoo in black; perfect for those of us with darker tresses. If your hair gets greasy, use this to soak up some of the oils. The colour was especially formulated for inky brown, Asian, Hispanic and afro hair and I use it post exercise to add fullness to my otherwise ratty ponytail. You can also use it to give a matte finish to your hair, dry cleanse or add volume if your hair is falling flat. Spray carefully; this is like black coloured hairspray and you don’t want it all over your clothes/bed/walls.

Dr Ceuticals Leg Tone & Shimmer – £16.99
Although I am exercising my heart out, every little helps which is why I am using Dr Ceuticals Leg Tone & Shimmer. Not only does it give the legs a subtle shimmer, it contains marine extracts which are proven to target and refine stubborn fatty deposits. For best results use religiously every morning for three months. Massage into dry skin until the cream has fully absorbed. It’s only been two weeks but I’ll let you know if it makes a difference. Worst case scenario I’m left with moisturised and shimmery legs!

Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak – £34.50
Insanity is like nothing you’ve ever seen, high intensity isn’t the word so you can imagine the state I am in by the end of the workout. The first few days I could hardly move which is why I was so happy when the Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak arrived in the post. With extracts of extracts of Birch, Juniper, Clove, Alpine Lavender, Wild Thyme and Blue Chamomile, combined with Mineral-rich Sea Salt a 15 minute soak in the bath does a great job in lessening the strains and aches next morning.

Bioderma Sebium Corrective Concentrate for Enlarged Pores – £14.85
There’s a reason French women always look so fabulous and it’s probably because most of them use Bioderma products. The Micelle solution for sensitive skin is a favourite of beauty editors worldwide but I think the Sebium range has been overlooked. Formulated for combination and oily skins, it clears pores and smooths skin. Excess sebum, stress, smoking and pollution can cause pores to dilate and enlarge but this corrective concentrate improves the appearance of the skin and can be worn as primer. I use it on my forehead, nose and shin before applying makeup.

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser – £3.65
This is a genius product from Nivea; you use your shower gel as usual, rinse off, apply this in shower moisturiser (I used the blue bottle – it contains almond oil and is especially for dry skins) rinse off and you are ready to face the day. Yes, no moisturising your skin afterwards. While it definitely hydrates and moisturises the skin, I’m not ready to say goodbye to a separate body cream totally but it is perfect for the gym, the busy and/or the lazy.

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