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Jan 13

My Three Days on Plenish Cleanse

I’m not new to juice cleanses; I did one last summer before my summer holidays (2 weeks in a bikini in St Lucia) and found having a goal in mind made the whole thing a lot easier.

This time, I didn’t have a particular goal other than to give my digestive system a rest. As I suffer from IBS I’m very careful what I eat (no sugar, gluten or dairy) but still felt like I’d overindulged during the festive season.

To ease myself into a period of no chewing, I opted for the Plenish Cleanse Level 1: Harmony. The website describes it as being “designed for those who know their diet and lifestyle are in major need of an overhaul. This cleanse is a gentle detox for those who have little experience with cleansing as it’s the easiest to stick to.” Their words not mine!

Every day you consume the following:

1 x Sweet Sexy Green
1 x Pineapple²
1 x Mind Body Green
1 x Spicy Limonade
1 x Beet Box
1 x Cashew Milk

You might think you’ll be hungry but to be honest, I found it really hard to get through all six 500ml bottles in one day. You’re allowed as much herbal tea and water as you like so prepare to do a lot of visiting to the loo! The green juices are the hardest to swallow; the others taste more like regular juice/squash.

A three day cleanse costs £240 which you might think is a lot of money but when you consider that a good juicer costs at least £150 and all the organic fruit and veg is at least another £50, the time and effort saved and the fact there’s no washing of the juicer, it’s worthwhile. Besides, how often are you going to use that juicer really? After my cleanse last year, mine is gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. The Plenish Cleanse system is really easy; just reach for a juice, consume and recycle the bottle.

Before the juice arrives you are sent an email with instructions on how best to ease yourself into it, details of support available during your cleanse and advice on how to break the cleanse on the last day.

The first day of any diet/new eating regime is always the hardest but once you know you can do it for one day, you know you can do it for the other two. I had a couple of mild headaches on day 1 but I’m putting that down to the toxins leaving my body.

Although weight loss wasn’t my primary reason for doing the cleanse, it was a pleasant side effect! Over the three days I lost 4 pounds. I felt lighter, cleaner and my skin, hair and tongue (surprisingly) felt and looked much better too.

If you’ve got a big event coming up (wedding/summer holiday) or you just want to give your system an overhaul, I would recommend doing the Plenish Cleanse for the 5 days to get the maximum benefits.

For more info and to look at the other levels of cleanse available, visit

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