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Modern life means a lot of us are finding it hard to get a good night sleep. With the advent of iPhone’s, BlackBerry’s and iPads, are we ever really switched off?

I find it really hard to fall asleep, having kids means I’m woken up by the sound of a bird yawning and I find it really hard to fall back asleep again. I then make things worse by plugging back in to Twitter or Instagram making it even harder to get some more shuteye before it’s 6:30 am and my darling son wakes me up.

I’m forever on the quest for products to help me sleep so am really looking forward to trying out the new Perfect Night’s Sleep’ range from NEOM Organics.

The 3-step range uses key products from their Tranquillity range to aid the perfect night’s sleep. The scent (which launched after trialling over 200 blends and expertly twisting together over 12 of the purest essential oils) was made with one purpose: to induce deep relaxation:

NEOM Organics

Step 1: Light the Tranquillity Candle a couple of hours before bedtime to allow the oils to fill the room. Then drift off surrounded by beautiful, relaxing scent.

Step 2: Take a Tranquillity Bath. Studies show that combining pure essential oils with a calming routine works best for a deep sleep. This SLS-free Bath Foam is packed with maximum essential oils for you to breathe in whilst in the tub, allowing them to take hold.

Step 3: Spritz your pillow with Tranquility Mist just before bedtime, the final layer to your Tranquility trio. While you sleep the oils keep working into the night, keeping you relaxed and in deep sleep.

For more info on getting a good night’s sleep see

Tranquillity Candle – 380g/£39.50
Tranquillity Bath – 200ml/£20.00
Tranquility Mist – 100ml/£15.00

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