September, 2013

Sep 13

Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder

As I am intolerant to dairy, gluten, sugar and wheat, I’m always on the lookout for supplements and foods that can fill a possible nutrition gap so I was looking forward to giving Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder a try.

Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder is a raw wholefood that is rich in vitamins B6 and C, calcium, potassium, thiamin and fibre. It’s unusual in the fruit dries naturally on branch, it’s simply harvested, the seeds removed and sieved and it’s ready for consumption.


I also like the fact that there are no baobab plantations; each tree is community owned and wild harvested. It has been called the feel good fruit and for good reason! Other than the benefits mentioned above, baobab has:

Twice the antioxidants per gram of goji berries and more than pomegranates and blueberries combined
High polyphenol content (for anti-ageing)
Approved for use in pregnancy as it aids healthy digestion, good bone health for mother and baby

Baobab is one of the top selling supplements of 2013 and the secret of its super food status won’t be a secret for much longer!

I’ve been taking two to three capsules with each meal for just over a week and I can definitely feel the difference in my IBS and my skin does look a bit fresher. I think Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder is an excellent and pain free way to add some goodness to your diet.

Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder – 90 x 500 mg capsules/£22.99 available from

Sep 13

Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish Prone Skin

I love a good skin wipe (the easiest way to remove make up and great for a weekend away) and these new Clarifying Wipes from Murad have been clinically proved to remove dirt and bacteria and clear pore-clogging sebum.


As with all Murad products, they not only do the job, they also condition the skin on the way. These clarifying wipes contain:

Witch Hazel to control oil and tighten pores
Algae Extract to regulate excess sebum production
Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E protect from free radical damage
Menthol soothes irritated skin and is cooling
Cucumber Extract hydrates skin and minimises skin irritations.
Calendula calms inflamed blemishes.

I warn you now, Witch Hazel water is the second ingredient and when I first used them, my eyes watered the witch hazel was that strong! My skin felt a little tingly and I was worried that they might be too harsh for my face but I decided not to wash it off and after a few seconds the tingling sensation subsided.

I always like to double cleanse but I needn’t have bothered as the cotton pad came away completely clean. These new Clarifying Wipes clean the skin without stripping and leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.

They are good for when time is tight (i.e. the gym) or when you’re travelling and/or when you are simply too tired to cleanse properly. If you have very oily skin, you can also use them to mop up oil and shine during the day.

Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish Prone Skin – £18/30 wipes

Sep 13

Beautification at Dove Spa, Canary Wharf

Eyebrows. Such a simple thing but goodness do they make a difference to your face!

I went along to the Dove Spa (inside Virgin Active, Canary Wharf) last week to try out their new Ultimate Brow Treatment. My brows had been left to their own devices for over a month (shame on me) and while bushy brows look great on Cara, it’s not something I can pull off.

Eyebrows- Grace

My 10-minute consultation started with a patch test (essential if you’re to have the tinting) and a detailed talk on what I wanted from my treatment, the shape I like best, my lifestyle – everything you could possibly discuss about brows. And there was surprisingly a lot!

After the colour was left on for 10 minutes it was down to the shaping. I prefer threading to waxing (less painful) and after each brow was done, my therapist let me check I was happy with the shape, which I certainly was.

After both brows had been threaded, she tidied them up with some tweezers et voila; I had a set of perfectly groomed, rather dark (but that faded slightly after a couple of days) expertly shaped brows. The results last up to six weeks.

It always amazes me the difference a good set of brows can make; they really do frame the face and finish your look off perfectly.

The Ultimate Brow treatment at Dove Spa is the most thorough and bespoke brow treatment I’ve ever had and my face thanks me for it!

While you’re there, why not treat yourself to a few Dove Spa products? I got the ‘Make Me Feel Relaxed’ Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion as I can never be too relaxed! I also got the Mineral Indulgence Thermal Recovery Mask to give my skin a real treat. It contains thermal water with essential mineral direct from the Pyrenees mountains, vitamin E to help prevent premature skin oxidation and argan and grape seed oil to improve skin’s firmness and softness.

The Ultimate Brow Treatment at Dove Spa – from £29

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