Father’s Day Gift Ideas

To be sure these were apropos, I asked Mr 32 Boroughs to compile a list of things he likes. So if you’re buying for a 30 something man who likes fashion, food and grooming, these should be right up his street:

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Range – from £8
Who doesn’t want the gift of youthful looking skin? I really like Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub and No Shine Hydration Gel. For use daily this one-two combination will have even the most weathered of faces feeling fresh, fit and firm. The energizing scrub is packed with apricot kernels for a scrub that won’t dissolved after a few rubs making it an excellent pre shave treatment. It also contains natural menthol, vitamin E and lemon and orange peel extract to really wake up and revitalise tired skin in the morning. It lathers up well too so no real need for an additional cleanser.

The No Shine Hydrator really moisturises the skin without leaving a sticky clammy feel or a shiny forehead. You look and feel as if you’ve had a facial for the sake of 5 minutes wash-and-go time in the morning.

Johnnie Walker Double Black – £29.99
Johnnie Walker Double Black whisky is a richer, more intense and smokier expression of the classic Black Label. It was matured in deep charred old oak casks and specially selected whiskies from the West Coast of Scotland with a naturally smoky flavour. For those who fancy themselves as connoiseurs, Johnnie Walker Double Black has a more intense taste; apples, pears and orange zest add a freshness to the blend, whilst the creamy vanilla and spices bring a softness and sweetness to the tongue. It tastes perfect neat or in a whisky sour.


Chocolate – A Love Story’ by Max Brenner – £20 
Give your Dad chocolates and the likelihood is that he’ll scoff the lot in one sitting. Give him the recipe book to make his own chocolate masterpieces and he literally has he gift that keeps giving. That book is ‘Chocolate – A Love Story’ by Max Brenner. For those that do not know who Max Brenner is Google ‘Max Brenner’ or ‘The Bald Man’ and prefix either with ‘Chocolate Bar’.


The Chocolate Bar is the brainstorm of Oded Brenner and has been very successful in the Southern Hemisphere, Israel and NYC. He hasn’t graced us with a permanent UK store yet so Chocolate – A Love Story is the next best thing. Packed with 65 mouth-watering recipes that are surprisingly easy to make you’ll be on the receiving end of the best of Max Brenner’s eccentric creations. It includes the recipe for the ‘Bad boy chocolate pizza’ and the oh-so simple ‘Once-upon-a-time small almond cookies’ which were delicious. If only we had Oompa loompas to clean everything up afterwards!


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