Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs

I’ve long envied those girls with their loosely waved and perfectly styled hair and wondered if it was a look that could work on my hair.

My friends always say that long hair is wasted on me as I usually wear it off my face and up in a ponytail. Now I’ve added colour to it I am making a conscious effort to wear it down more so I thought I’d try about the new Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs to add some movement and body to my hair.

labelm Advanced Pro Curling Tong 38mm LMELCT38

The tongs features include:

Tourmaline and Ceramic Technology for 100% static free results
LCD digital display indicator and ready light
Built-in microcomputer
Fast heat up & heat restoration
Adjustable temperature control from 80-210°C (I use it at 180)
Safety stand and cool tip
Rubber coated soft touch handle

I started by parting my hair from side to side in four sections to make it easier to work on. I then took each section and parted it down the middle so each side had 2 sections of hair. I then divided those 2 again and curled each area away from my face. This is the size of the curl the tong gives.

daniel-galvin-finger-painting (2)

I looked like a poodle afterwards (not the look I was going for) so once I’d let them cool I raked through them with my hands and this is what it looked like.

Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs

It’s big but not too big and my hair has that swingy TV bounce. My hair holds a style pretty well so save from a couple of sprays of my Elnett Heat Protection Spray it should stay like this for at least a week.

I’ve tried barrel tongs before but I find the lack of a clamp means the curls just don’t look right (or maybe I’m just not very good!) I like the size of the curl the Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs give and think its perfect for those with short to medium length hair.

Label M Advanced Pro 28mm Tongs – £44.95



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