Family Fun With Ribena Plus

During the last week of half term the kids and I went along to an event held by Ribena Plus. I have fond memories of Ribena; when I was little I wasn’t allowed tea or coffee (obviously) so to feel grown up, I was given a little teacup filled with hot Ribena. it’s funny, I make the exact same drink for my daughter now.


The event was to launch some new Ribena flavours; Ribena Plus for Immunity Support with vitamins A, C and E and no added sugar in blackcurrant apple and peach, new red apple or new summer fruits and Ribena Plus for Healthy Bones with added calcium and no added sugar in Raspberry and Apple. They also presented their latest research that showed it only takes 12 minutes of quality time for parents to reconnect with their children after being separated while parents are at work and children are at school.

All the children present had access to workstations where they were given 12 minutes to perform tasks like making a fun T-shirt, indoor bowling or making musical instruments out of plastic cups and dried beans. It was a little like organised chaos at some points but all the kids present had a great time and the Ribena Plus team were totally unfazed by all the noise and mess.


This thing I took away from the event was to use open ended questions with my daughter. Instead of saying ‘How was your day?’ which always gets a ‘Fine’ the makers of Ribena Plus advised asking the question ‘Tell me what the best bit of your day was’ as it guarantees an answer more than one word long.

If you are a working parent you will appreciate the difficulty in juggling all your work and home responsibilities and looking after your children; it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything well. While I hope I spend more than 12 minutes of quality time a day with my children; the suggestions the Ribena Plus team gave were really helpful and will make for some great activities during the next half term. For example with children aged 3 to 4 they said ask questions like: What are the names of the toys you played with today? Who is taller mummy or your teacher? Tell me about the best game you played today.

Although it feels like 100 years ago I do still remember being a teenager and my poor mother trying to get information out of me. Conversation tips from the Ribena Plus team for this age group include:

Tell me some school gossip I am all ears
Where are you off to with your friends this week
What project are you doing at the moment and can I help you with it?

I think these are brilliant!

They also gave out of a handy manual containing 30 activities parents can do with their child. The book was made by parents for parents and is meant to help us reconnect with our children while learning about their day. We are going to work through it for the next 30 days. You can download your copy at


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