Pantene Volume Booster Gel Spray

Although my hair is naturally very curly (a mixture of ringlets, waves, s curls and corkscrews) the strands themselves are actually very fine.

I have to be very careful when blow drying and straightening my hair as too much heat can make my hair look lank and thin. People are always surprised when I tell them I like to use volumising products but I find them, along with heat protection balms, essential in achieving the full bodied look I like.

I’d read good things about the Pantene Volume Spray Gel on American websites so I was keen to try it when it launched in the UK.


The gel claims it contains volume booster polymers that lift fine hair at the roots to create extra volume with great hold all day long.

Simply dispense a couple of pumps onto your scalp (I use three max) after washing and massage in. I concentrated on the front of my hair as I think my hair is naturally thinner there.

After the first use I could see the difference in my hair; my roots weren’t lying flat against my scalp and overall my hair looked thicker. A few days in I could feel that my roots were ever so slightly raised, as if the beginning of a curl. I think this is what gave the illusion of thicker hair.

If your hair is naturally very thick then you probably won’t need (or like!) Pantene Volume Booster Gel Spray but if your hair is naturally fine and especially if it’s relaxed, I think you’ll really like the finish this gives your hair.

Pantene Volume Booster Gel Spray – £3.69/150 ml


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