Gillette Venus Naked Skin Intense Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System

Unfortunately, my skin is too dark to use the Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL System so I asked my good friend Maria Nigro of One Body Beauty to review it for me. Here’s what she thought:

“With pale, sensitive skin and dark hair I was nervous but excited about trying this system out. There is a colour spectrum shown in the booklet that comes with the device which shows exactly which skin tones can and cannot use this IPL system safely (it is unsafe on blonde hair and on dark skin).

I did feel that when trying it on my friends with a slight bit of colour in their skin I wasn’t permitted to use it. This was a bit of a let down because I wanted to give my friends treatments too. Also it cannot be used on any area with moles or freckles which meant I couldn’t use it on my arms or legs. I found that a bit disappointing because most pale girls have moles and freckles. The only areas I could treat were my underarms and bikini area.

gilette venus ipl

There is a small cordless instrument which you need to use each time you treat a different part of your body. It detects your skin tone and this automatically adjusts the settings of the IPL ready for use. You then apply a thick layer of the gel to the area which is to be treated. Because it’s a fiddly process and the gel dries out, it’s best to apply it in small patches as you go along.

You must ensure that the IPL is applied flat against the skin or it simply will not operate which can be a bit challenging on the bikini line where the skin is not flush. A white light signifies that the machine is ready to use. You press the button ONCE and there will be a red flash. Do not look into the light – you can see it side on (protect your eyes!) There will be indentations in the gel on your skin where you have already treated, which helps you keep note of where you have and have not treated. You must not treat the same area more than once in one session or you risk burns.

Treatments should be carried out every two weeks for the first couple of months and, to maintain the hair reduction, it reduces to once a month. I have used it four times on my underarms and twice on the bikini area. I find the bikini line a slightly time consuming process requiring concentration, focus and it’s a little bit painful in this area. The results are definitely worth it especially under the arms. Even though I’ve only been using the system for two months I can already see an undeniable reduction in hair re growth in this area which is great!

Financially, it is a big outlay, and the replacement activation gel is another ongoing commitment, but I would recommend it. If this could be used on more skin tones then I would say everyone should have one but if you’re a really pale girl like myself with no moles, no freckles or dark hair then this is the machine for you.”

Gillette Venus Naked Skin Intense Pulsed Light Hair Reduction System – £449


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