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While flipping through an old copy of Hype Hair magazine at Sen Style Salon, I read an interesting titbit about Angie Stone.

When discussing her beauty routine she said she is a huge fan of Eucerin beauty products. Aside from her amazing voice, Angie is known for having amazing skin and hair. If Eucerin is partly responsible for her smooth chocolate complexion it’s a brand I need to investigate.

Eucerin is a 100 year old German company that prides itself on combining dermatological research with innovative skin science. They are one of the few companies to hold the ‘dermo-cosmetic’ mark. Most of their products contain Urea and Lactate; natural moisturisers that improve the moisture binding capacity of the skin.

I tried the Eucerin Repair Foot Crème, Repair Hand Crème, Calming Scalp Treatment and their new Even Brighter Day and Night Cream.


The Hand and Foot Repair Crèmes are perfect for dry or very dry skin and the foot crème worked wonders on my feet that have been neglected since Summer. As I’m always washing up and never wearing gloves, my hands often appear quite dry but the Repair Crème makes them soft, supple and hydrated.

The Even Brighter range helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation for a brighter and more even complexion. Darker skins are more prone to hyperpigmentation and while this range won’t lighten your skin, it contains B-Resorcinol which decreases melanin production to visibly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

My favourite product is their Calming Scalp Treatment (reviewed here) it’s a miracle worker.

It’s no secret that Angie Stone was the inspiration for D’Angelo’s classic hit Brown Sugar. While I can’t promise using Eucerin will bag you that fine specimen, I can say that it does a great job in looking after the health of your skin.


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