NeoSTEM Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum

Here’s a sign of ageing I hadn’t thought about – lipoatrophy. Lovely!

Lipoatrophy is the loss of subcutaneous fat that leads to skin weakness, loss of support and withering and eventually it can leave the cheeks looking hollow. I always say that when I get older I want to have a nice fat face as I think they look younger.

I have no problem with ageing; it happens to us all eventually and while I would never use Botox or go under the knife, I’m happy to apply things topically to keep my face looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

NeoStem Serum is a 28 day topical treatment that contains powerful patented active ingredients never before used in cosmetics or available in the UK. The two wonder ingredients are Omega Statine and Z-Dronate both of which are meant to help stimulate collagen production and boost stem cell renewal. Its USP is its ability to penetrate the epidermis and dermis so the product really gets to work deep down into your skin.

Neo Stem Serum

In tests, over 70% of users said their skin was firmer, less withered, hydrated, nourished and less wrinkly by the end of the 28 day cycle.

NeoSTEM Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum is paraben, fragrance, silicone and phthalate free. I’ve only been using it a week (as part of my night time skin care routine) but my skin feels so much smoother and softer I wanted to tell you about it!

NeoSTEM Anti-Accelerated Ageing Serum – £59/30ml


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